Bruno Giusti Pereira
"I wanted to meet incredible people from all over the world, and build life-long friendships. The results are amazing. I’ve built friendships with people from more than 30 nationalities, all continents, the most diverse backgrounds—and I know in 10, 20 years I will still be connected with them.”

Daytime MBA

Class of 2017
Financial Technology

Prior Education:

Sao Paulo State University
International Relations, 2008
Campinas, Brazil

Why I Chose Fuqua

During the application process, when I talked with students, and then visited the school, I realized how amazing Fuqua is. People do care about and help each other all the time.

There are many amazing organizations and initiatives at Fuqua that I wanted to get involved with, such as the research center CASE to learn about social entrepreneurship and impact investing, and our team-based consulting practicum, the FCCP, where we did pro-bono consulting for a non-profit organization in a developing country.

5 Things Within 15 Minutes from Fuqua

  1. Duke Forest (I live here!) – a great place to walk, run or ride your bike
  2. Beyu Caffe - Enjoy amazing live jazz in downtown Durham
  3. American Tobacco Trail - Great to walk, run or ride your bike; there’s a hidden short mountain bike trail
  4. Duke University campus - Beautiful, especially the Duke Chapel and Sarah Duke Gardens areas
  5. The Parlour - amazing ice cream; I love the salted caramel and Vietnamese coffee flavors

My Life Before Fuqua

I worked for 6+ years in financial services in Sao Paulo, Brazil as a business development manager in the Payments division at Itau Unibanco, the leading bank in Latin America.

My Life After Fuqua

I plan to work in the intersection of financial services and technology and help organizations create better products and services for customers. Most important, I want to work in a company or institution that shares the same Fuqua values.

My Fuqua Activities

Country representative for Brazil at LASA club

CASE fellow

Admissions Fellow

Stop Hunger Now volunteering during Fuqua Friday

General Management Club

International Business Club

Admissions volunteering during BDW

My Summer Internship

Strategy and Business Development MBA Intern, Apple Pay–Apple

What I love about Professor Shane Dikolli

On the first day of classes, Shane asks everyone to put down their name tags and calls 75 students by our names. All of this is to show his commitment to the class! He assigns the groups for the team assignments, to assure diversity of cultures and backgrounds. This way, we can learn the most from each other.

Shane constantly brings his practical experiences together with the theoretical content and shares other professors' work and research in class. He is a great example of a leader. A leader who tries to engage students in class as much as possible, to get different perspectives on the same topic, enabling a great learning environment.

Student Network

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