Danyel Specht
“Team Fuqua is the attitude that brings us together and encourages us to go above and beyond for our classmates. I strive to uphold the Team Fuqua spirit by being authentic and bringing my true self to each interaction.”

Daytime MBA

Class of 2018
Health Care

Prior Education:

The University of Texas at Southwestern Medical Center
M.S., Biomedical Engineering, 2008

The University of Texas Arlington
Biology, 2008
Houston, Texas

Why I Chose Fuqua

Choosing a business school is a tough decision, as we are making a huge commitment; however, the community at Fuqua made my decision easy. As I was visiting schools and attending various diversity weekends, Fuqua’s Minority Workshop was among the best. Not only did the administration make us feel welcomed, but the students also went to great lengths to ensure that we felt prepared for the journey ahead.

Top 5 Fuqua Courses

  1. Economics: Professor Ryan McDevitt made this course enjoyable and easy to understand. It is by far one of my favorite core courses.
  2. Medical Device Strategy: This class is discussion based with a group pitch project. Professor Greg Davis has a wealth of knowledge and also brought in several guest speakers with vast experience in the medical device industry.
  3. Mentored Study: Ben Thomason, managing director of experiential learning, is easy to talk to and tries to help you achieve your goals. This opportunity exposed me to new career options!
  4. Negotiation: This class is fun and interactive. The hands-on negotiation allows us to get immediate feedback, and the topics were relevant to our daily lives.
  5. Consumer Behavior: This class taught me to look beyond the typical way of marketing to consumers.

My Life Before Fuqua

My passions are health care and technology, so my career trajectory has been focused on innovative health care technologies. This has led me to take on various roles at health care startups. Prior to Fuqua, I was an operations manager at a health care startup in the San Francisco area.

My Life After Fuqua

Upon completion of my MBA, I will return to the health care industry and transition into marketing/strategy roles. Fuqua has provided me with the tools to achieve my goal of utilizing my engineering background combined with my newly minted business acumen to influence business decisions. I have accepted an opportunity at Medtronic to participate in a product manager rotation.

My Fuqua Activities

Black and Latino MBA Organization

Section Service Rep

Health Care Club

Mentored Study


Association of Women in Business

Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital Club

Brazil Exchange

Admissions Fellow

COLE Fellow

Australia Exchange

My Summer Internship Experience

I completed my internship with Genentech, a leading biotechnology firm located in the San Francisco area.

What I Love About Fuqua Treks

If you have to pick one thing while at Fuqua, prioritize going on a Trek. It is awesome to see how selfless your classmates are in planning a trip to their home country. There is no better way to experience a new country than while bonding with classmates with someone from the area as your guide. I highly recommend both J-Trek in Japan and I-Trek in Israel!

Student Network

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