Davide Sgarbi
“Being part of Team Fuqua has made me not just a better team player, but most importantly, a better member of this world by teaching me how to embrace diversity and change and also support everyone’s ambitions.”

MQM: Business Analytics

Class of 2018

My Program Track:


Prior Education:

University of Bologna
Economics / Finance, 2017
Bologna, Italy

Why I Chose Fuqua

I chose Fuqua because of the thousands of opportunities that attending such a school would give me, both in terms of lifelong relationships I would establish and for the future career prospects. By attending Fuqua, I have the opportunity to network with some of the most talented students and knowledgeable professors.

During Fuqua

As the Fuqua Wellness Chair, I’m responsible for programs and events to promote students’ physical and mental wellbeing. From this experience I’ve learned that, other than making my classmates’ lives better, the most rewarding part of the job is the appreciation I receive for my efforts – it’s an invaluable feeling.

After Fuqua

My goal is to become a data analyst for a consulting company. Analytics and consulting are a perfect match for my career interests: I enjoy working with data and I love being part of a team – working with talented people is what pushes me to run the extra mile.

My MQM Track

I decided to embark on this program because I believe that there always exists an optimal solution to a problem. By pursuing this specific track, I will learn not only to identify and frame complex strategic problems that organizations face during their day-to-day operations, but also to effectively work out and communicate solutions. Moreover, one of the exciting aspects about strategy analytics is that its power is not industry-specific, meaning that I will be able to work on data coming from nearly any industry.

5 Ways to Maximize Your Time at Fuqua

1. Talk, talk, talk and get to know new Fuquans at every opportunity you have. You will be amazed by the incredible achievements of the people you share classes with and how easy-going everybody is. How else can you best maximize your time at Fuqua if not by knowing the people around you?

2. Get involved in one of the many social impact initiatives (for example, Duke Interdisciplinary Social Innovators or Net Impact)

3. Go to Fuqua Fridays! Fuqua Fridays are an opportunity to learn new things, have some great food, meet new people, and just relax. Many Fuqua Fridays are sponsored by cultural student clubs and focus on a theme or an event, like Oktoberfest or the Lunar New Year.

4. Join the Fuqua Soccer Club! It’s the perfect way to destress from classes and get to know more Fuquans!

5. Last but not least—Campout! Campout is an event in which graduate students from across Duke plant their tents outside Cameron Stadium for 36 hours to try winning a season ticket to ALL Duke Men’s Basketball home games.

Student Network

Meghna Mazumder MQM: Business Analytics

Meghna Mazumder

Class of 2018
Simon Liu MQM: Business Analytics

Simon Liu

Class of 2018
Jenn Tartavull MQM: Business Analytics

Jenn Tartavull

Class of 2018
Zefang Wang MQM: Business Analytics

Zefang Wang

Class of 2018