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Career Management Team

MBA Recruiter Perspective

"We have noticed that the Fuqua Career Management Center has time and again demonstrated what it means to be a true employer partner, and GE has been the beneficiary of this relationship." — Lori Hess, General Electric

Whatever you envision yourself doing two, five or 20 years from now, we're here to help you get started - beginning on day one.

Our Career Management Center is staffed by a 25+ person team of talented professionals—a staff-to-student ratio that puts Fuqua in the top 15% among elite business school career centers according to a recent benchmarking study. With an extended team of corporate relations professionals, research center staff, and other administrators, you'll be hard-pressed to find another school that cares as deeply about your success and ability to achieve your goals than Fuqua. Because Fuqua staff work across department lines, we uncover synergies and opportunities that might not otherwise be discovered, creating more and better career opportunities for you to explore.
The CMC staff work in three main areas:

  • Student and Alumni Services provide individual coaching, workshops, and other programs for current students and alumni.
  • Sector Teams work with students and prospective employers according to industry expertise. They help students hone their search strategy according to the target sector and help recruiters develop a strategy for an effective on-campus presence.
  • Recruiting and Operations Services support the CMC and its stakeholders through effective business operations and technology. The recruiting team executes on-campus recruiting activities and spring interview forums.

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