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Management and Leadership Pathway for Residents (MLP-R)

"We are witnessing an increasing number of medical students (and trainees) who are graduating with both an MD and MBA ... As they contemplate the next phase of their careers, most are forced to choose between clinical training and the world of business—'giving up' on the other path temporarily, sometimes permanently.  The MLP-R, by combining these two paths in a single residency experience, connects the clinical to the managerial, making one relevant to the other, synergistic." â€” Victor J. Dzau, MD Executive Director of the MLP-R; Chancellor for Health Affairs at Duke University; President and CEO of Duke University Health System

As an MD/MBA student, you have the full spectrum of both medical and business careers available to you. Those who choose not to practice medicine often go on to careers in consulting, banking, life sciences, administration, or policy.

With the Career Management Center at Fuqua and the Match program at the School of Medicine, you have multiple career options at your disposal. Those who opt to begin their post-graduation careers in business can take advantage of on-campus interviewing and recruiting options through Fuqua's CMC, while those who intend to practice medicine can find a residency with the help of the School of Medicine's Match program.


A residency is not just an option as an MD/MBA student, it is fully encouraged. You can choose from a range of clinical residencies or may opt to participate in the Management and Leadership Pathway for Residents (MLP-R). The first of its kind in the United States, the MLP-R lets trainees work on high-priority initiatives across the Duke University Health System and the Schools of Medicine and Nursing in such functions as:

  • Health system management and operations
  • Financial management and planning
  • Quality improvement and safety
  • Informatics
  • Technology transfer
  • Global strategy and business development
  • Research enterprise management
  • Clinical service enterprise management
  • Supply chain management

The MLP-R is geared toward helping residents complete their requirements for clinical practice and ABMS board eligibility (and where applicable, specialty board certification). It also lets residents participate in project-driven modules designed to solve problems within their clinical Department and Duke Medicine. Throughout the combined training program, clinical rotations and management modules are aligned. For example, a trainee may participate in a clinical rotation in nephrology and then complete a management rotation aimed at increasing outpatient dialysis services.

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