Getting everybody in the game - and on the same team

Innovation relies on our ability to harness the power that lies in difference. While research proves diverse teams outperform groups who are more alike - that only happens when each individual can be their authentic self, confident in sharing their opinions, ideas and perspectives.

Diversity is critical. Inclusion makes it a winning business strategy.

Hearing all sides and valuing differing perspectives is difficult, but it's also essential. That mindset is what builds trust, so that classmates and colleagues can understand each other as people and therefore unlock the power of dissimilar viewpoints. That's why we focus on getting everyone in the game - and then work to ensure people feel like they are on the same team.

Thought Leadership

We are privileged to have faculty who deeply research the drivers of diversity and inclusion.Their expertise helps businesses understand and identify the value of diversity; understand and identify why systemic racism and gender and other bias persists; and understand how we eradicate them.

While the content populates our curriculum, their scholarship has also shifted our thinking as an organization. We have moved from focusing on how we work on these problems or improve our performance, to thinking in terms of how we own and solve these issues beyond our own walls. We don’t just want our faculty’s expertise to be utilized by our community, but accessible to everyone.

Duke Fuqua Insights

    Some of the world’s most renowned scholars in diversity and inclusion call Fuqua home. Their scholarship is generating insights like the unintended effect of "Lean In" messaging, the impact of military service on some job-seeker's prospects, and the negative perception of male leaders who ask questions.

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Office of Community Engagement and Inclusion

This group focuses on initiatives that support an inclusive and welcoming environment where difference is celebrated and every member of our community of students, staff, and faculty feels an authentic sense of belonging. Fuqua is committed to shaping inclusive business leaders who have the mindset to bring people together to work toward a common purpose. The Office of Community Engagement and Inclusion interacts with a range of internal and external partners on community initiatives that bring us together outside of the classroom to explore these concepts. 

Meet our Assistant Dean of Community Engagement and Inclusion


Our team partners with and supports the work of Fuqua's student organizations, including diversity clubs and the MBA Association - Diversity and Inclusion subcabinet in student government, on initiatives that foster an inclusive, welcoming, and understanding environment. These clubs facilitate opportunities  both for interpersonal connection and enhancing our collective diversity.

  • Asian Business Club 
  • Association of Women in Business
  • Black and Latino MBA Organization
  • Business in Africa Club
  • Catholics @ Fuqua
  • Christian Business Fellowship
  • Duke Armed Forces Association
  • European Club
  • FuquaPride
  • Greater China Club
  • INDUS—South Asian Student Association ·
  • Jewish Business Association
  • Latin American Student Association
  • Latter-Day Saints Student Association

We also provide guidance to all student organizations about creating inclusive workshops and conferences, and provide inclusive leadership training in partnership with The Fuqua/Coach K Center on Leadership & Ethics (COLE).


We are privileged to have great partnerships with all Fuqua departments including the Office of Student Life, the Career Management Center, Admissions, the International Programs Office, and Development & Alumni Relations which help elevate and extend our community engagement work in different ways. Our team is also engaged with faculty who have conducted leading edge research in the diversity and inclusion space.

Duke University

Our Office of Community Engagement and Inclusion works with many Duke organizations supporting students from diverse backgrounds including the Mary Lou Williams Center for Black Culture, the Office of Student Affairs, the Women’s Center and the Center for Sexual and Gender Diversity. We also maintain working partnerships with Duke University’s Chief Diversity Officer and Office of Institutional Equity to strengthen this work across the broader Duke campus community.


We collaborate with Fuqua’s Minority Alumni Advisory Board  to help build a strong relationship with Fuqua's current student body and to engage in activities including personal mentorship, career advice, expertise, and potential speaking opportunities.

Industry Experts

We regularly connect with diversity and inclusion experts and leaders in industry, such as Bank of America, FactSet, Cognizant, the NBA, and Deloitte, to share best practices and inform the strategic direction of Fuqua's work .

Peer Institutions

Diversity and inclusion professionals in academia connect regularly to discuss initiatives and best practices, and partner on creating content for inclusive leadership curriculum.

Diversity & Inclusion Associations

Our Office of Community Engagement and Inclusion attends and presents at conferences such as the AACSB D&I Conference and Philadelphia D&I Conference and works closely with members of CEO Action for Diversity and Inclusion to discuss best practices.

Events and Activities

From small group conversations on specific topics to large scale celebrations of different kinds of diversity in Fuqua's community, the Office of Community Engagement and Inclusion is involved in a wide range of events and activities for the Fuqua community, and keeps students, faculty and staff updated on these and other opportunities with weekly newsletters.


  • Inclusive and Courageous Leadership featuring professional and academic experts promotes the need for diversity and inclusion in the business world
  • Diversity Week is an annual fall event dedicated to generating awareness and understanding of diversity through compelling student events and featured guest discussions. Fall 2019 Diversity Week featured Fuqua alums Oris Stuart MBA '89 (Chief D&I Officer, NBA) and Mita Mallick MBA '07 (Head of Diversity & Cross-Cultural Marketing, Unilever), as well as a student panel on allyship
  • Inclusion Week is an annual spring event dedicated to fostering empathy for others and perspective sharing through meaningful discussions and challenging conversations. Spring 2020 Inclusion Week featured Terri Cooper (Chief Inclusion Officer, Deloitte) as well as community discussions on disability and privilege.
  • Identity Workshops are held for students, staff and faculty to explore intersectionality and how identity impacts experience.
  • Defining Allyship offers a panel and ongoing conversations to define allyship at Fuqua.
  • Racial Equity Institute’s Groundwater Workshop is a featured workshop exploring structural racism.
  • Daring Dialogues is an ongoing series of facilitated conversations on topics that can be challenging or stigmatizing. Participants learn about the experiences of others, ask questions, and share views in a structured and supportive setting. Community members can explore different identities and experiences, and engage in critical conversation.
  • FuquaTalks enhances inclusion and fosters an authentic platform where individuals model self-reflection that inspires meaningful discussion at Fuqua. A nominated group of students, staff, and faculty have the opportunity to share their stories with the broader Fuqua community.
  • Thought Leader Lunches are designed for faculty and staff and have covered many topics, including mental health and race.
  • Implicit Bias Training - by tailoring training materials provided to the CEO Diversity and Inclusion signatories, of which Duke is one, to the Fuqua community, the Gender Equity Working Group and other student leaders hosted implicit bias training to all Daytime MBA students, with a plan to make it available to all students, faculty and staff in 2021.

We invite you to browse through our weekly newsletters  which profile members of the Fuqua community, keep everyone updated on upcoming events, and identify resources for students. Read the archive.


Checking Boxes is Not Enough in Ensuring Diversity

Checking Boxes is Not Enough in Ensuring Diversity
Dean Bill Boulding discusses the latest challenges facing business leadership.

Underrepresented Minorities

We focus on fostering a supportive network for African American, Native American, and Hispanic American students within and beyond Fuqua.


Fuqua creates an environment where female leaders thrive - and we're committed to elevating awareness about the positive impact women make when their voices are heard in the workplace.


From the Duke Armed Forces Association to F.I.V.E. STAR, we focus on building community for members of the armed services even before you apply to Fuqua.


From Fuqua Pride to Reaching out, we focus on building the pipeline of qualified LGBTQ+ talent into business.