Screen grab of P&G CEO David Taylor speaking from his office
Dec 22, 2020

Leaders should have the courage to speak to their values, he says

Three years ago, investors were leaning on Procter & Gamble CEO David Taylor to revitalize the stalling company and boost its stock price. He was expected to transform the company, and fast, he told Fuqua School of Business Dean Bill Boulding in a virtual session of the Distinguished Speaker Series (see video). But Taylor was... read more Taylor ordered big organizational changes at the company, which owns brands including Pampers, Tide and Charmin. Those changes included consolidating the number of voices on decisions to make the company nimbler. “We were talking amongst ourselves too much at a time the market was demanding faster and faster action,” Taylor said.... read more Championing equality with major ad campaigns Taylor began his career at P&G in a manufacturing plant, working with employees with diverse experiences, races and ethnicities. “I saw the power of moving past labels and breaking physical differences and getting to know people as people. And it's embedded a very deep belief in the... read more The campaigns (discussed in accompanying video clips) are designed to open people’s minds to another person’s perspective, to their story and to their potential, he said, and encourage people to move from being passively anti-racist, to actively confronting racism. “I very much do believe we as a company … and we as leaders need to... read more