Fuqua Launches Master of Quantitative Management Degree

May 14, 2016
Big Data

Update: The Master of Quantitative Management is now a STEM-designated (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) degree program. The STEM designation gives international students who meet certain requirements the opportunity to work in the United States for a total of three years (24 months of STEM OPT extension beyond the regular 12 month OPT).

The age of big data is here and so is the demand for people who can interpret and action insights from massive amounts of information.

"We are hearing first-hand from employers who are looking for people who can sort through data quickly and identify and communicate key insights," said Dean Bill Boulding. "Employers are telling us the skillset is in short supply."

In response, Fuqua is launching a Master of Quantitative Management degree. The 10-month program will be known as MQM and is designed for college graduates with strong quantitative skills but little to no work experience. Most candidates will likely have backgrounds in science, technology, engineering and math.

Duke University's Board of Trustees gave final approval to the program which will start in July 2017.

MQM will offer students the ability to study in one of four tracks: finance, marketing, business analytics or forensics.

"We feel the ability to focus in one of those areas is really going to allow students to add immediate value to an employer," Boulding said, "Students will uniquely understand the fundamentals of an area like finance or marketing and be able analyze the effectiveness of business processes through data."  

Across all tracks, MQM requirements will include:

  1. Courses in data science and analytics
  2. Courses in critical thinking, communication and collaboration
  3. Courses in the functional discipline or track
  4. Elective courses

"The key to developing strong analysts is teaching students not only how to interpret data but explain the insights in meaningful ways. We feel Fuqua is uniquely positioned to deliver this program because of its curriculum and proven track record of developing leaders who are exceptionally good collaborators and communicators," Boulding said.

MQM students will also have the opportunity to pursue a certificate of research. This would allow students to stay in the program an additional semester and might be a fit for a student who would benefit from an internship or is interested in pursuing a PhD.

The program has been designed with input from the business community, including senior leaders in some of the world's top companies.

David Taylor, president and CEO of P&G, who also serves on Fuqua's Board of Visitors, strongly supports the program.

"These are the kind of candidates that P&G and many other Fortune 100 companies seek out. The candidates' skill set applies to a wide range of functions and enables them to contribute at all levels within an organization," Taylor said. 

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