Which program is right for you?

Both management and leadership skills are required for continued career success. The act of managing typically involves improving performance through systems and processes, while the act of leading involves influencing members of a group or organization. As complementary skills, both are required but the focus tends to shift as you progress through levels within your organization.

Our Duke Management Program and Duke Leadership Program are professional development courses that can be taken independently or sequentially, depending on your work challenges and personal development needs.

Which program meets your current needs?

If your areas of responsibility primarily include the following, the Duke Management Program may be the better option for you:

  • Building and improving business processes
  • Managing employee productivity and motivation
  • Designing and assigning project tasks
  • Developing weaker employees
  • Making business decisions and plans



If your areas of responsibility primarily include the following, the Duke Leadership Program may be the course that best suits your needs:

  • Sharing your vision to inspire others
  • Building team enthusiasm and optimism
  • Encouraging individual responsibility
  • Navigating change and uncertainty
  • Ensuring an understanding of roles within your organization

    Program Comparison


      Duke Management Program Duke Leadership Program
    Objectives Enhance skills to better manage your team and improve their performance Sharpen your leadership approach to reach your and your team’s highest potential
    Duration 3 days 5 days
    Teaching Approach

    Your program will consist of:

    • Lecture and discussion
    • Simulations
    • Experiential exercises and tools

    You will learn leadership skills through:

    • Lecture and discussion
    • Executive coaching
    • Experiential exercises and tools
    Primary Takeaway Actionable strategies for improving your managerial effectiveness and guiding team success A Personal Development Plan for enhancing your individual leadership style and an Organizational Change Initiative to address a current leadership challenge