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Daytime MBA

Merit Scholarships

Every admitted applicant will be considered by an Admission Scholarship Committee for a merit scholarship. If selected to receive a merit award, a scholarship letter will be included in the admission packet and also posted on page two of the electronic admission letter. The criteria for selection includes prior academic achievement, demonstrated qualities of leadership, involvement in the community, extracurricular activities, and professional accomplishments. These awards are for the two-year duration of the MBA program and range from partial to full tuition. We do not have funding for new awards in the second year. Thus, students who enroll without scholarship funding should not anticipate an award for the second year of the program.

A generous scholarship program for minority students is funded by Fuqua and a variety of corporate donors. A complete list of these scholarships is published in the Fuqua Bulletin. Selection of recipients for these named awards is made during the summer or fall semester. These awards replace, but would not be less than, funds already received.

Named Awards

Fuqua merit award recipients are automatically considered for named scholarships funded by Fuqua and corporate sponsors. A separate selection process to award named scholarships is conducted during the summer or fall semester. These named awards replace merit awards already received, and do not provide additional funds to the recipient. No additional information is required to be considered.

Keller Scholars

Keller Scholarships are the most prestigious awards granted to incoming Fuqua students. The Keller Scholars are named in honor of Dr. Thomas Keller, the former Dean of The Fuqua School of Business, who led Fuqua from a small regional business school to a position of international prominence in less than a decade. These awards are funded by Fuqua, endowments, and corporate donors. The Admission Scholarship Committee selects Keller Scholars based on academic excellence and strong commitment to improving their communities through leadership and service.

Private Alternative Student Loan

With a U.S. cosigner, an international student can borrow from financial institutions at possibly a lower interest rate than Fuqua's international student loan options ith a U.S.  Private/Alternative Loans are credit-based student loans that require a U.S. Citizen or Permanent Resident co-signer. Students may borrow up to the Cost of Attendance less other financial aid. These loans provide for in-school deferment of payments and a post-graduation grace period. Both the grace period and the repayment period can vary by lender. Please refer to the Duke University Recommended Lender List to view a list of loan programs and to learn more about specific interest rates, repayment terms, and other loan features.

International Student Loan Program Option(s) 

Duke University is proud to offer no-cosigner international student loan opportunities to Fuqua students. 
Please visit this page for cosigner and no-cosigner student loan options.

Loan Borrowing Eligibility:
For all Fuqua programs starting in 2017, a no-cosigner loan option will be available at 80% of the cost of attendance (minus other aid) as determined by the school. 

External Funding Sources for International Students

We have provided a list of external funding programs from various international agencies. We encourage you to view the list of programs as you may find a suitable funding source.

Fuqua Loan Assistance Program (LAP)

The Fuqua Loan Assistance Program (LAP) provides financial assistance, in the form of loan forgiveness awards, to qualifying Duke MBA-Daytime alumni who work full-time for eligible nonprofit and government organizations.

The Center for the Advancement of Social Entrepreneurship (CASE) also provides several assistance programs to reduce this financial burden and attract the most talented students dedicated to making a positive difference in the world. In addition to other sources of financial aid at Fuqua, Daytime MBA students and alumni with an interest in the social sector may be eligible for the following programs:

Type of Assistance

Eligible Students

Class of 1990 Nonprofit and Small Business Internship Award

First-year students who choose a summer internship with a nonprofit, public, or small to medium size company.

CASE Summer Internship Program

First-year students who pursue summer internships with nonprofit organizations and public agencies.

CASE Social Sector Scholarship

First-year students with nonprofit experience who intend to return to social sector careers upon graduation.

Peace Corps Paul D. Coverdell Fellows Program

Students who have satisfactorily completed service in the U.S. Peace Corps and who engage in community service while enrolled.