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Whether fiscal, competitive, or technological, the modern challenges facing 501(c) organizations require business skills to navigate - the same capabilities our students are developing at Fuqua. To support enterprises who need these skills, we established the Fuqua Volunteer Corps (FVC), a group of Fuqua students and recent graduates who are ready to help non-profit organizations with temporary support in different business domains.

Is the Fuqua Volunteer Corps a match for your organization?

While 501(c) firms of all sizes are encouraged to submit potential projects for consideration, FVC Members generally only match with an organization under the following set of conditions:

  • Sponsor Requirements
    • You are a certified 501(c) organization
    • You are based in the United States
  • Project Requirements
    • Allows for an estimated 20+ hours of work/per week for the duration of the effort
    • Utilizes at least one of the skillsets developed in the FVC Member’s degree program
    • Ideal engagement involves approximately 2-12 weeks of work, although project duration is flexible
  • Staffing Requirements
    • Designated representative from the Sponsor must directly supervise the FVC Member
    • FVC Member’s work must not displace an employee, or perform work that would otherwise be performed by employees of the Sponsor organization
  • Documentation Requirements
    • Sponsor must provide a volunteer employment letter for the FVC Member, for which the program will provide an initial draft
    • Letter will include the project description, project duration, duties to be performed, minimum requirements, method of supervision, supervisor contact information, and a statement that the FVC Member is unpaid by design

Members of the Fuqua Volunteer Corps are graduate business students or recent alumni with expertise in a wide range of industries and functions. Depending on your need, the FVC can bring a diverse set of advanced skills and professional experiences to current challenges in your organization.

Capabilities within the Corps include audit, budget formulation, business development, capacity building, cash flow management, cost reduction, data analysis, data reporting and visualization, digital media strategy, endowment risk management, financial analysis and scenario planning, general management, impact evaluation, leadership development, machine learning, market research, marketing, outreach, operations, project management, research, resource allocation, strategic planning, and technology integration.

Activities will be unique to each organization’s needs, but here are potential engagement examples:


  • Create data visualizations and incorporate machine learning to gain a deeper understanding of your donor behavior.
  • Recommend data collection methods, clean data, and provide data analysis to track progress towards program key performance indicators.


  • Create, implement, and measure innovative fund-raising initiatives.
  • Identify, analyze, and propose grant opportunities, innovative finance sources, and research investment aligned with the Sponsor’s mission and having a quantifiably high likelihood of success.


  • Analyze endowment risk and make recommendations to balance cash flow needs.
  • Identify sources of funding and prepare grant/loan applications, incorporating quantifiable impact analysis.


  • Develop recommendations to increase the reach of Sponsor services, incorporating market analysis and cost structure redesign.
  • Design digital media strategy to increase total site visits. Implement and measure effectiveness, incorporating appropriate adjustments based on marketing analytics.


  • Perform process analysis to reduce costs while ensuring Sponsor impact is maintained.
  • Improve procurement and supply chain processes to more efficiently source and utilize resources to achieve Sponsor mission.

Fuqua Volunteer Corps Members are committed to the successful completion of the project during the desired timeframe. In the case that a FVC Member is unable to serve to the end of the designated timeframe, that volunteer is expected to give the Sponsor a minimum of two weeks’ notice and, if possible, train a replacement FVC Member to take over their duties and complete the project.

Apply for FVC Support

If your organization is interested in becoming a Fuqua Volunteer Corps Sponsor, please complete the Project Submission Form found here. If your project is selected you will be informed about the background of the Fuqua Volunteer Corps member who has expressed interest, and can perform additional vetting of the volunteer as your organization desires.

Applications are rolling. Once you have submitted your application you can expect to hear back from the program within one week.

Complete Project Submission Form

The application form requests summary information about your organization and an outline of the project you propose to sponsor, including scope, desired output, necessary skills, number of volunteers, and expected duration. Complete the project submission form here.


If you have questions or need additional information, please connect with the Fuqua Volunteer Corps Director.

Enlist the Fuqua Volunteer Corps

Could your non-profit use the business skills developed in Duke's Fuqua School of Business? Current Fuqua students and recent grads are standing by to help your organization with temporary business support. If your organization meets the criteria, submit your project proposal here and we'll try to find you a match.



If you would like more information about the Fuqua Volunteer Corps please connect with us at

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