Halle Scott
“Working with teams has reinforced that different people have different talents and strengths, but we all have something to bring to the table.”

MQM: Business Analytics

Class of 2018

My Program Track:

Consumer Goods

Prior Education:

University of Central Florida
Marketing, 2017
Tallahassee, Florida

Why I Chose Fuqua

When I recognized how important quantitative analysis has become in the business world, especially in marketing, I sought out schools that would offer this specialization. With Duke’s reputation, I was excited to see that Fuqua was a leader in this field. Being a part of the inaugural class was an easy decision.

During Fuqua

The biggest challenge is deciding how to spend my time. Between coursework, career advancement opportunities, fitness, and events, I could use about 6 extra hours each day. I have learned to prioritize the things that are most important to me and that it is okay to say no.

After Fuqua

With the increase of business being conducted over and/or impacted by the internet, a crucial factor in a company’s success will be its ability to analyze and interpret the massive amounts of data being collected in real time. After Fuqua, I hope to apply my new skill set at a consulting firm or a Fortune 500 company where using data to drive business decisions will be essential.

My MQM Track

While my track is marketing, I am aiming to gain a broader perspective of all facets of business as well as the ability to make both data-driven and non-data-driven business decisions.

5 Random Things About Me

1. I broke my leg when I was four and showed up to Pre-K in a wheelchair because I was too small for crutches.

2. My grandpa won the first ever Academy Award for a documentary.

3. I played Division I volleyball at University of Central Florida during my 3 years of undergraduate studies.

4. I organize the shirts in my closet by color and sleeve length.

5. My childhood dog only had three legs.

Student Network

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