Duke’s Trademark Licensing Policy requires that all items bearing any of Duke's names, trademarks, logos, images, or those for Duke organizations, departments, events, etc., be purchased only from Duke Licensees.

  •  You are welcome to work with any approved Duke-licensed vendor, but unless you do not plan to use a Fuqua or Duke logo, the vendor must hold a license to produce an item with any Duke or Fuqua trademark.
  •  A Duke Licensed vendor will provide you with guidance regarding what you can and cannot do as far as the logo design goes.


Ordering Process

Start the swag process with a general idea of the type of product you’re interested in. Then identify Duke-licensed vendors who offer this type of product and determine which one you want to work with based on the criteria you have for your item (price, color options, production timeline, etc.)

  • You can find a (very long) list of all licensed vendors approved by Duke University here.
  • To simplify your search, consider using one of the following vendors who are very familiar with Fuqua products:

Approved Vendors Often Used by Fuqua

Vendor/Contact Vendor # Website/Email Office/Cell Phone


120025 919-384-7904
Robert Brown


AD SPICE 53713 919-286-7110
Brittany Baird
  Email: n/a
GOLDNER ASSOCIATES 119757 919-647-927
Christiana Culligan
  Email: 919-729-4248
ID AMERICA 6822 866-549-1133
Ryan Laferriere
  Email: 919-306-3780


Duke-licensed vendors should be familiar enough with what will and what won’t meet the trademark guidelines to give you appropriate guidance, so spend some time working with them to devise a design that will pass through the Licensing office.

  • The vendor will be the one submitting the design to Duke’s Licensing Office, and will receive their feedback directly.
  • If there are any issues with your design, the vendor will communicate with you to identify an alternative that will be acceptable to you and will pass through licensing review.

Typically, Duke Licensing will then ask the vendor to share the design with Cindy Wenger, Director of Marketing at Fuqua (, to ensure the Fuqua logo, if used, meets our internal guidelines.

  • Fuqua Marketing does not make decisions as to what meets or doesn’t meet Duke University logo standards, including how that impacts the Fuqua logo.
  • Fuqua Marketing will review your design for compliance with our logo guidelines, including logo integrity, ® placement, color, box, use of “School of Business”, positioning or clear space between the logo and other graphics or text.
  • Feedback will be shared with the vendor and with you.

If you aren’t sure that your Fuqua logo design is in compliance with our guidelines, and you would like to expedite the process, you may send the design to Cindy Wenger for an unofficial review. Note that this will only reflect compliance for the Fuqua logo and not the overall design or any Duke logos.

  • The Licensing office prefers to review artwork that the vendor has created (as opposed to student designs), with the expectation that the vendors will be following Duke trademark guidelines.

Once you have an approved design, you can work directly with your vendor to produce your swag.