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Latin America



Our global strategy is to embed and connect in the most important economic regions of the world. This approach allows us to understand Latin America from a local perspective, while also providing a context for how Latin America fits into the larger global business landscape. We are learning about the infrastructure, the pertinent issues, key players, and cultural nuances that make this region tick. Even in the virtually connected world, there is no substitute for first-hand experience. By connecting the region to our base in Durham, North Carolina, USA, and all our locations around the world, we are uniquely qualified to train the leaders of a business environment without boundaries.

Latin America plays a key role in Fuqua's success. In our full-time MBA classes, Latin American students consistently represent 10-15% of the student body, and student experiences like the Fuqua Client Consulting Practicum and Global Academic Travel Experience frequently take place in Latin American locations. In our global MBA programs (Cross Continent MBA and Global Executive MBA), Latin America is represented through our student body as well as through residency programs, as each class visits and studies in a major Latin American city for at least one of their global residencies.

Fuqua Programs

Every year Fuqua welcomes many students from Latin America to its programs. If you are considering Duke and would like to learn more, please contact us directly or attend one of our information sessions.

MBA Programs

The Duke MBA is an internationally renowned business degree that can be studied in one of four programs, depending on your level of professional experience, your personal and professional goals, and your geographic location.

US-Based MBA Programs

  • Daytime MBA — a traditional, two-year, full-time program that takes place on campus in Durham, North Carolina, and is ideal for candidates with several years of business experience.
  • Weekend Executive MBA — a 19-month, weekend-format program that takes place on campus in Durham, North Carolina, and is ideal for working professionals who live in North America and have at least 5 years of work experience.

Global MBA Programs

No matter where in the world you live and work, working professionals can complete these global programs without interrupting successful careers. You will study in multiple locations across the world, including the first and last terms on the Duke campus in North Carolina.

  • Cross Continent MBA — a 17-month international program for professionals (average age is 30) who will study in 5 different locations across the world.
  • Global Executive MBA — an intensive 15-month international program for senior executives (average age is 39) who will study in 7 global locations.

MMS Programs

Fuqua offers two Master of Management Studies (MMS) programs that are perfect for recent college graduates who have little to no professional experience, and wish to obtain a master's level business degree. Each MMS program is full-time and 10-months long.

·         MMS: Foundations of Business — program takes place solely on campus in Durham, North Carolina.

·         MMS: Duke Kunshan University — program starts on campus in Durham, North Carolina, for 2 terms, and then the last 3 terms are spent at Duke Kunshan University in Kunshan, Jiangsu Province, China.

Other Programs

Fuqua also offers a PhD program as well as non-degree, executive education programs. Visit the main Programs page to learn more. 

Alumni in Latin America

One of the great benefits of the collaborative and inclusive culture of Duke is that the alumni network is not hampered by degree or school affiliation, but is extended to any graduate of any Duke program. Latin America is home to many Duke and Fuqua alumni with a wide selection of academic and cultural backgrounds who are united by their experience and love of Duke.

Visit Fuqua's alumni website to learn more about the latest club events and activities.