Duke - The Fuqua School of Business


To earn a front row seat over the course of your career, you'll need a thorough grounding in each of the fundamental areas of business, plus the ability to understand business in its local context. That's exactly what the MMS: Duke Kunshan University program delivers. The program offers students the best of two worlds. The core curriculum is delivered in English by Fuqua’s top-ranked faculty at both The Fuqua School of Business in Durham, NC, and at Duke Kunshan University in Kunshan, China.  

Duke Kunshan University is pioneering a new model of education through the heritage of two partners. We will train you to rethink the boundaries of business through rich learning experiences that maximize the value of each student's background. From our cohort-based structure, which mimics a team-based corporate environment, to our instructional design and advanced curriculum, we teach you how to work in the field of business and how to help reinvent the business world.

Dean Moreton Says:

The world is what you make of it, and the same goes for your experience as an MMS: Duke Kunshan University student. Every day is an opportunity to create something great. We give you a front row seat; you take the lead.