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Our classes are as boundless as your thinking. The MMS: Duke Kunshan University program is not about filling your head with facts and figures for testing purposes. We integrate your unique knowledge and perspective with our world-class business curriculum and apply it to real-world situations. Once you grasp the fundamentals, prepare to move quickly from theory into practice.

All courses are conducted in English. Mandarin proficiency is not needed to attend the program.


  • It's our job to challenge and inspire you. All courses are taught by Fuqua's world-renowned faculty. Our professors have travelled the globe helping companies find solutions to business problems and doing research that literally advances business knowledge on a daily basis. Ranked No. 1 for intellectual capital by Bloomberg BusinessWeek (2008 - 2012), Fuqua's faculty are dedicated to helping you succeed. Student/faculty engagements both in and outside of the classroom give you ample opportunity to pick the brains of some of the greatest business minds in the world.

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  • When it comes to real-world business challenges we don't play pretend. Get an inside glimpse of how iPod revived Apple, what leadership challenges the first female CEO of eBay struggled with early in her tenure, or how the OPEC cartel is able to unilaterally manipulate oil prices.

    Classes use real business cases as the basis for classroom discussion and team assignments. The case-based learning method challenges you to understand business problems from the corporate perspective. Use what you learn in class and what you know from your collective team experiences to recommend a solution. Through case-based teaching, you learn real-world lessons about making decisions with incomplete data and in times of uncertainty when there's no obvious right or wrong answer.

    As you work through real-world cases, you obtain a new vocabulary, industry knowledge, and an appreciation for the human resource, management, and leadership challenges companies face every day. These case-by-case realizations will ultimately help you narrow and refine your career options and put you on a path to working in a business field you're passionate about.

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  • Prepare for advanced courses. Courses may have similar titles to courses you took during your undergraduate studies, but this is a new chapter of learning. Expect advanced material and expect to move through it quickly.

    Your first term serves as a foundation for the rest of the program. Our courses are quantitatively challenging and require you to have a strong analytical aptitude. That's why we start with basic accounting and quantitative prep. We prime you for success beginning on your first day. The path to a rewarding business career is paved with passion and knowledge—after 10 months at Fuqua and Duke Kunshan University, you'll have both.

  • The drive to succeed doesn't come with a backseat. You are expected to be an active participant in the learning process. Extensive reading assignments prepare you for class discussions, but active debate and analysis is key to creating the richest learning experience possible.