As a truly global business school, we have experience working with students of diverse backgrounds with diverse career aspirations. The Career Management Center (CMC) works closely with you to identify your unique challenges and helps you seek out the best resources available.

Alumnus and Project Manager of Fuqua's East Asia Office Scott Goldman Says:

Connect with other global business students at Fuqua. Get involved with the MMS International Business Club to create a network and gain access to a network of other students seeking international positions.

Global Opportunities

The CMC helps you navigate the hiring landscape and position yourself as a candidate in the field you choose, whether it's within China or internationally. Your success will be contingent on your management of the process and capitalizing on all of the resources available to you during both your US and China residencies.

Visa Status

Your citizenship and visa status in the US and in China will determine your work opportunities in these regions during the 10-month MMS: DKU program. However, most student visas restrict or prohibit paid work on- and off-campus during the program.