Duke - The Fuqua School of Business


Once a part of Team Fuqua, always a part of Team Fuqua. Welcome to a global network of more than 19,000, with an incredibly passionate and devoted cohort in East Asia. As a member of the Fuqua family you inherit friends in the corporate world dedicated to helping Duke, and now Duke Kunshan University as you succeed in your job search. Plus, our faculty, research centers' staff, and board members are extremely supportive in connecting students to potential employers.

  • Consider every classmate a teacher. The diversity of your classmates adds another level of education to your experience. The variety of life, academic, and professional backgrounds enhances the culture of the campus and lends itself to innovative thinking. The more perspectives you're able to grasp, the better you'll be at solving tomorrow's business problems. Working through academic problems and assignments with your MMS teammates will be an experience you look back on as a professional culture simulation that prepared you to succeed in the global workplace.

  • We only have one set of faculty, and they're the best in the world. The same professors that teach our MBA program will show you the ropes. Our faculty is known for their accessibility and gladly shares their experiences and knowledge with you. As you move through the program, you get to know our professors and look to them as mentors and friends.

  • Fuqua alumni remain a team long after graduation. Our network of more than 19,000 alumni is among the most supportive and responsive of any business school with many alumni returning to Fuqua to recruit for open positions. Get connected early. Unlike some schools that make you wait until you graduate to get access to the alumni directory, we give you access as soon as you start your program.

    And, more than 50 alumni volunteers work with MMS students to hone professional communication techniques, while building interviewing skills. Participating in this Career Advisor for MMS (CAM) program are Fuqua MMS and MBA graduates, who work in diverse industries.

  • Graduate into membership. Duke has more than 148,000 alumni all over the world, and as a graduate you will automatically become a member of the Duke Alumni Association (DAA) and benefit from all of the programs and services provided by DAA.

  • Fuqua has friends in high places. With connections to companies that define their industries and the business world, we're able to keep up with the changing business climate and tailor our academics to make sure that you stay competitive. We train you for the current world of business, and the insight we gain from our corporate connections allows us to provide you with the tools you need to be ahead of the curve.

    Companies engage with us on many levels by:

    • Recruiting our graduates
    • Collaborating on faculty research
    • Supporting institutional programs and capital projects
  • We have two boards working for your success. Fuqua is advised on matters related to curriculum, programs, facilities, and operations by a Board of Visitors (BOV) as well as our East Asia Regional Advisory Board. These teams of nearly 100 board members promote better communication and relationships with the global business community. They facilitate the success of the school and in turn, your success as an alumnus.