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Life in Kunshan

The three terms you spend in residency at Duke Kunshan University ensure you'll get a front row seat to one of the world's most dynamic economies. The state-of-the art campus is on a 200-acre site in the Kunshan Science and Technology Education Park. The city of Kunshan is a center for business and high-tech research and manufacturing. It has one of the fastest growing economies in China, and its location between Shanghai and Suzhou allows easy access to these major metropolitan centers by high speed train, immersing you in both their business and their culture.

  • The city of Kunshan lies in the heart of the Yangtze River Delta Region, one of the most developed areas in China. Bordering Shanghai, a large international metropolis, to its east and Suzhou, one of the country's most renowned cultural and historical cities, to its west, Kunshan is an emerging industrial and commercial city with a history dating back more than 2,000 years. As an important county-level city in the southeastern part of Jiangsu province, Kunshan occupies an area of 931 square kilometers (359 square miles), one quarter of which is covered by lakes and rivers. Its superior natural and urban living environment has attracted people from all over the world to live and work in Kunshan.

    Widely considered as a successful model for China's social and economic development, Kunshan has won many titles, including the top of Chinese Mainland's Best County-level Cities by Forbes China for four consecutive years and the 2010 UN-Habitat Scroll of Honor Award. Three state-level development zones, two provincial-level development zones, and its eight townships have attracted a number of Fortune 500 companies and other leading enterprises to Kunshan.

  • The Duke Kunshan University campus blends traditional Chinese elements with advanced educational technology in a spacious, modern setting. Extensive aquatic elements, including an aquatic quadrangle at the center of campus, symbolize the region's famous water towns and are integrated throughout the campus, while leading information technology and TelePresence systems provide instant connections to colleagues and classmates around the world. The campus also includes an academic center, a conference center, and housing for students and faculty members.

    Kunshan's rapid social and economic development has spurred the development of recreational, dining and lifestyle offerings attractive to longtime residents and newcomers alike. Local residents have equal access to the best urban infrastructure and amenities, including large shopping malls, state-of-the-art cultural and sport facilities, open cultural and natural parks, and public transportation. Rapid advancement in rail traffic has brought Kunshan people much closer to its surrounding areas: the high-speed train reaches Shanghai and Suzhou within 20 minutes; Shanghai's No.11 subway has already extended to Kunshan's Huaqiao area, and a future Kunshan subway will connect with Suzhou as well. In addition, the city's convenient bike rental system provides quick and easy access to high-quality bicycles located throughout the city. With just a swipe of your card, you'll be on your way to exploring all that this beautiful city has to offer.

    While the City of Kunshan has experienced tremendous economic growth, Kunshan's residents also enjoy and preserve its rich cultural and historical resources. Kunqu Opera, one of the oldest forms of Chinese opera, originated in Kunshan and is now listed by UNESCO as a Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity. Three of Kunshan's ancient water towns: Zhouzhuang, Jinxi, and Qiandeng, are among China's nominations for inclusion in UNESCO's World Heritage List.

  • Duke Kunshan University is a place for learning, living and growing, in a setting that encourages the pursuit of knowledge within and beyond the classroom. Multi-purpose meeting spaces and breakout rooms, study areas, and a dedicated library allow students to work individually or in groups to review course material and complete assignments outside of class. 

    The Duke Kunshan University campus also features generous spaces for dining, social events, recreation and relaxation, all in a serene setting, just a short distance from both Suzhou and Shanghai.

    Bi-lingual (Chinese and English) professional staff members are available to assist students with personal and academic issues and to enhance their abilities to learn. 

    The campus has an outdoor recreation space adjacent to the residence hall. Students can utilize an indoor exercise room on campus in addition to nearby recreation facilities for swimming, bowling, squash, badminton, tennis and basketball through the Kunshan Sports Center.

    Scheduled shuttle transportation is offered for students to key travel hubs as well as to local recreation, shopping, and support venues. 

  • To foster interaction among people from diverse backgrounds and academic interests, all undergraduate and graduate/professional students at Duke Kunshan University live together on the newly constructed campus. Each student occupies a single room, which is equipped with a closet, mirror, study desk and chair, a bed and computer network connections. Meals are provided in the campus dining facility. On-site laundry services are also available.