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Our classes are as boundless as your thinking. The MMS: FOB program is not about filling your head with facts and figures for testing purposes. We integrate your unique knowledge and perspective with our world-class business curriculum and apply it to real-world situations. Once you grasp the fundamentals, prepare to move quickly from theory into practice.


  • Tyler L. Says:
    Only the “A” Team here. Fuqua faculty teach across all programs—MBA and MMS, alike.
  • Tyler L. Says:
    You’ll study dozens of cases with up to 50% of your grade in any course coming from case assignments.
  • The Admissions Office Says:
    Our MMS: FOB program is rigorous. If you’re concerned about whether or not you’re academically ready for the program, contact us and we will help you assess your likelihood of success.
  • Tyler L. Says:
    Fuqua faculty will keep you on your toes with random "cold calls" for participation. The more prepared you are at Fuqua, the more prepared you’ll be when you leave Fuqua.