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Admissions Counselor

Admissions Counselor Elizabeth Jones can help guide you through the admissions process.

Email Elizabeth today.

Two MMS program formats are available: the MMS: Foundations of Business program (MMS: FOB) and the MMS: Duke Kunshan University program (MMS: DKU).

It is important that you understand which MMS program is the best fit for your interests and goals, before you apply.

  • You may only apply to one of the two MMS programs in an application year.
  • You cannot switch programs while you are a student.

Compare the MMS: FOB and the MMS: DKU programs.

Are you ready for the MMS: FOB program?

Are you ready to have your passion become your purpose? Then contact your MMS: FOB Admissions Counselor Elizabeth Jones, who can talk with you about your passion and ambitions, and how you can best prepare to apply. Contact her at mms-fob-info@fuqua.duke.edu for more information.

If you are an early planner and are still a few years from applying, Elizabeth can provide tips about what you can do now to start preparing for the MMS: FOB program. Read about the admissions criteria and process.