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Recruiting and Careers

  • May I attend MBA recruiting events?

    Generally, no. MMS: FOB recruiting events and interviews are held separately to ensure that you are meeting representatives and learning information appropriate to your employment potential.

  • What types of job opportunities might be available to me?

    Analyst level positions in a variety of business functions across industries such as marketing, market research, product and brand management, financial analysis, investment analysis, research, sales and trading, and account management.

    Read our student profiles and review the latest employment report to learn about some of the jobs our graduates have obtained.

  • What is the role of the Fuqua Career Management Center (CMC) in helping me get a job?

    The CMC partners closely with you to provide support in 3 primary ways:

    1. Program and Resource Development: A comprehensive program of career development, job search workshops, and other resources. Professional development is also built into the MMS: FOB coursework.
    2. Career Coaching and Counseling: Individual and small-group consultation in person, over the phone, and by email on both an appointment and walk-up basis. Alumni advisors also serve as a resource for students as part of the Career Advisor for MMS (CAM) program. Learn more about career coaching and counseling.
    3. Corporate Marketing and Outreach: A comprehensive approach to expand the MMS: FOB recruiting portfolio, to develop new and existing recruiting partnerships, and to assist you in gaining access to employers of interest. We leverage existing corporate partnerships to expose students to a variety of premier employers; companies such as Accenture, Procter & Gamble, and PricewaterhouseCoopers.
  • What guarantee do I have that this program is worth it? Am I going to get a job or a better job?

    While there is never a guarantee of employment, this program was created in large part as a response to recruiter feedback. Employers have told us that they find significant value in liberally or scientifically trained undergraduates who also have advanced business knowledge and skills. In fact, Bob McDonald, CEO of Procter & Gamble said, "The program will enable companies to recruit high-caliber junior talent who are able to add immediate, tangible value to the organization."

    Our Career Management Center (CMC) has strong relationships with many premier employers. Our expert staff provide career programming, including a comprehensive outreach program to educate recruiters about the value MMS: FOB graduates bring to organizations. As an MMS: FOB student, you will not compete for (nor will you be recruited for) the same positions as MBA students. Many of the same companies, however, will recruit from both programs.

    See what jobs and salaries our MMS: FOB graduates have received.

  • How do corporate leaders view the MMS: FOB program and the value its graduates bring to their companies?

    Employers are enthusiastic about the MMS: FOB program and graduates:

    "From my perspective, the MMS program is an innovative program which will give undergraduate students an outstanding foundation to join the business community. At PricewaterhouseCoopers, we look to hire individuals with diverse backgrounds, and I see this program as a key enabler to help individuals not only succeed in our organization, but more importantly, to help prepare them for a successful career in business."  Dennis M. Nally, Chairman and Senior Partner, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP

    Since the launch of the program, we've received a great response and enthusiasm from employers. Check out the Careers section for more details.

  • How competitive will I be in the job search process?

    You will bring to the job search your undergraduate background and the foundational knowledge in business topics from the MMS: FOB program. This will give you a distinct professional profile and a key advantage over recent college graduates in the job search process.

  • How do I secure a summer internship before the MMS: FOB program?

    To be considered for a Fuqua-facilitated summer internship, you should apply by the Round 3 deadline. You are also encouraged to seek out additional internship opportunities on your own and from your undergraduate institution. International students need work authorization to be eligible for an internship in the U.S. 

    Learn more on the Internships page.

After Graduation

  • Can I go straight from the MMS: FOB program to an MBA program?

    We do not recommend you go straight into an MBA program after the MMS: FOB program. Most MBA programs place a great deal of value on the work experience that students bring to the classroom, so we recommend you gain work experience before applying to an MBA program.


  • How many people are on the waitlist?

    We are unable to disclose an exact number of people who are waitlisted. Candidates on the waitlist may be admitted or may choose to remove their name from the waitlist at any point in the process. Therefore, the actual number of candidates on the waitlist can vary from day to day. Please be advised that the Admissions Committee has made a conscious decision to limit the number of applicants who are waitlisted.

  • Now that I have been waitlisted, can I switch my application to the MMS: DKU program?

    No, applicants may only apply to one program in a given admissions year.

  • Can I retake the GMAT or GRE?

    Yes. We accept new scores from applicants who choose to remain active on the waitlist. Deciding to retake the GMAT/GRE is a personal decision. If you feel that you did not test at your highest potential, it might be in your best interest to retake the test. If you decide to take the GMAT/GRE again, please notify our office so that we may look for your new score. Official test scores must also be formally requested through Pearson Vue or ETS, using program code Q13-N5-19 for GMAT or 5156 for GRE, which will ensure that your new score is sent to our office. It typically takes 1 - 3 weeks for our office to receive an official score once requested.

  • Is the waitlist ranked and if so, what number am I on the waitlist?

    No. The waitlist is not ranked. However, it is imperative that you inform the committee of your intentions to remain active on the waitlist. Only those applicants who have elected to remain active on the waitlist will be considered for admission.

  • When will the Admissions Committee review waitlisted candidates?

    The Admissions Committee may review applications of waitlisted candidates at any point during the application process. You will be informed immediately if/when a new decision has been made on your application. As such, please be sure to keep us informed of any changes in your contact information.

  • When is the latest I would be admitted from the waitlist?

    In the past, we have admitted students from the waitlist as late as the start of the program orientation.

  • I was waitlisted for an interview. What should I do?

    You will receive an email notification if you are selected to interview at a later date. No action is needed on your part until you receive this email. Please refer to the Admissions Criteria and Process page for details on the interview policy.

  • I was not waitlisted specifically for an interview. May I schedule an interview?

    Interviews are offered during scheduled campus visits, and otherwise are by invitation only. If the Admissions Committee determines that an interview is needed to make a final decision on your application, you will be contacted directly in order to schedule and complete your interview.

  • May I submit additional information for the Admissions Committee to consider?

    Yes. During the coming months you may submit additional information that you feel will be helpful to the committee in consideration of your file. Brevity and relevance are important when determining what to submit. It is not necessary to duplicate information already covered in your application. All information must be sent via email to ensure that it will be placed in your file. Examples of updates may include:

    • Information on recent professional or community accomplishments
    • An additional recommendation
    • Transcripts for recently completed coursework
    • A copy of a new test score (official score must also come from Pearson Vue/ETS)
    • Any changes in contact information (mailing address, phone number, email)
  • How should I submit additional information?

    We prefer that any updates to your file be submitted to our email account specifically designated for applicants on the waitlist. This account is checked regularly and you will receive verification of receipt of your email within 5 - 7 business days. Should you prefer to send an update via postal mail and you wish to have verification of the receipt of your mailing, please use a carrier that provides a delivery confirmation.

  • To whom should I submit additional information?

    All updates should be submitted via email to application-processing@fuqua.duke.edu. Please note that this account is for the receipt of application updates only. For any inquiries regarding your status on the waitlist, please call our office at +1.919.660.7705. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

  • I have a question that has not been addressed in the Waitlist FAQs. What should I do?

    Should you have an inquiry regarding the waitlist process, please feel free to contact our office by sending an email to mms-fob-info@fuqua.duke.edu, or by calling +1.919.660.7705 and ask to speak with an Admissions Officer. You may reach us during business hours, Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m.- 5 p.m. (eastern time). We would be happy to speak with you and address any questions or concerns you have regarding your application status.