The unique Master of Management Studies program of Duke University and Seoul National University allows students enrolled in SNU's Global MBA program (GMBA) to undertake a year of study at Duke, selecting a targeted specialization within their coursework. 

In 2006, Duke's Fuqua School of Business launched a collaboration with Seoul National University (SNU) in Seoul, South Korea to offer the Master of Management Studies (MMS) program. This  partnership expanded a collaboration the two schools began in 2002, which included faculty and student exchanges along with executive education non-degree programs.

Program Format

Duke's Fuqua School of Business and Seoul National University (SNU) offer a unique degree program that allows students enrolled in Seoul National University's Global MBA program (GMBA) or MBA program (SMBA) to undertake a year of study at Duke, during which time they would earn a master's degree of management studies.

Students who take part in the program will have the opportunity to earn the MMS degree at Duke after completing Seoul National University's GMBA or SMBA program. MMS students will focus on a targeted specialization within their coursework at Duke, with the MMS transcript noting the specific concentration. Areas of concentration currently offered by Duke include: decision sciences, entrepreneurship and innovation, finance (two options), leadership and ethics, management, marketing (two options), operations management, social entrepreneurship, and strategy.

Career Services

The MMS: SNU program is designed to provide students additional academic, rather than career, opportunities. While there may be some student-generated activities, prospective applicants should be aware that the program does not provide career preparation or market access to employment in the United States. Duke MBA students will have certain recruiting privileges that MMS: SNU students will not. While Fuqua's Career Management Center (CMC) provides some limited career services for MMS: SNU students, prospective applicants should understand the program's limitations in career services to evaluate whether or not this program is the right fit.

Program Costs

Students enrolled in the SNU-Duke MMS partnership will pay SNU’s tuition for one year of the SNU Global MBA program. Students will then pay Duke’s tuition for the one year of Duke studies, which will be equivalent to two-semesters of the Daytime MBA tuition. Students will be responsible for charges in addition to tuition. These charges include a transcript fee, graduate recreational facility fee, graduate student activity fee, and MBA Association fee. Students will also need to purchase Duke Student Health Insurance. Books and course packs will also be an additional charge.


Admission to this MMS program will be based on Duke's admissions criteria to ensure that all GMBA-MMS and SMBA-MMS students are able to participate actively in Duke classes. Duke will use admissions files of SNU, supplemented with additional materials if needed. Up to 15 students per year will be accepted in the SMBA/GMBA-MMS program.

Students can apply to Duke during the SMBA/GMBA year, typically after completing at least one term of SMBA/GMBA study.

GMBA students will undertake the one-year MMS study program at Duke after completing their MBA at SNU.

SMBA students will undertake the one-year MMS program at Duke after completing two terms of SMBA study at SNU and return to Korea the year after to finish the remaining two terms required for the MBA degree at SNU.