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The Business of Love at Fuqua

There are over 400 married couples who both are Fuqua graduates

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February 08, 2013

Many students at Duke University's Fuqua School of Business have developed a passion for marketing, finance and accounting, among other areas. In the process, a significant number have also learned about another passion: love and a different sort of institution - marriage.

In the lead up to Valentine's Day, we took a look at our alumni database to see just how often couples tied the knot through an association that took place at Fuqua. Our official records (and thanks to our alumni employees around the building - 22 of them in total) indicate that of the school's 17,000+ alumni, there are over 400 married couples who both are Fuqua graduates. It's not surprising when you consider that the Team Fuqua model requires students to meet and work with others on projects that can last from hours to months. Students are also encouraged to participate in any of the 50+ student-led clubs that fit their personal and professional interests. Add on the extracurricular social activities and it's no wonder so many Fuquans stay best friends for life - many in marriage.

We reached out to some of our married couples and asked them to tell us how they met. We invite you to share in the love:

  • Michele and Michael Lupton ('96): "Met during class orientation, summer 1994. First date was 11/5/1994. Been 'fused at the hip' ever since."
  • Jenifer and Brian Feaster ('03): "We met while students at Fuqua and now we have two little future Blue Devils!"
  • Kim and Brad Johnson ('08): "We met at the Fuqua Orientation '80s Party, and the rest is history."
  • Sara and Andrew May ('87): "Met at a 'Bloody October' party through mutual friend Laura Dahare ('87). Married December 1991."
  • Christine and Matt Koidin ('05): "We were section mates in Section 2 (The Deuce!) - as we said at our wedding, where else but Durham, North Carolina, can a boy from Boston meet a girl from Kauai."
  • Katie and Kevin Skurski ('04): "Met at Fuqua. We were the same year, in the same section and our lockers were even basically next to one another. We got married about three weeks after graduation!"
  • Liz ('00) and Jordan Friedman ('04): "Liz and I met during our Senior Spring at Dartmouth College in 1994."
  • Monisha and Brian O'Dwyer ('05): "We met in Professor Ravi Bansal's macro economics class."
  • Meredith ('02) and Ed Rerisi ('01): "Thanks to alphabetically similar last names, our lockers were next to each other and we met very soon after I arrived at Fuqua in the fall of 2000. We had over 20 Fuqua friends at our wedding in 2005 and came back to Durham for both of our 10 year reunions!"
  • Amy and David Staas ('96): "We met the first week of school our first year at Fuqua but did not start dating until Halloween of our 2nd year. Patti Carlo ('96) took a picture of our first kiss on Halloween at a bar in Chapel Hill - Amy as Ginger from Gilligan's Island and Dave as the airplane mechanic character from Fletch. We were quite a fetching couple that night, and over the years, our relationship grew into a great marriage with 3 beautiful girls."
  • Katherine ('04) and Scott Manuel ('05): "Scott met Katherine at orientation. She was a wise 2nd Year and he was a green 1st Year. She thought he was looking for a mentor. He had other ideas. A marriage, 2 kids, 3 moves and many dreams later, she is still his mentor."

Fuqua is also family-friendly, and partners and children are welcomed members of the community. The school has a formal support organization called Fuqua Partners.