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Fuqua's faculty are ranked among the most productive in the world for their research. Our professors are available to comment on a wide range of topics making news today—and tomorrow.

Faculty Listing by Name


Frequently Quoted Faculty:

Dan Ariely: Behavioral economics, consumer behavior

John Coleman: Macroeconomics, monetary policy, international financial policy, corporate finance.

Gavan Fitzsimons: Marketing/market research, organizational behavior, decision processes

Jon Fjeld: Entrepreneurship and innovation, strategy, organizational change

John Graham: Corporate finance, corporate restructuring, economic forecasts

Campbell Harvey: Corporate finance, international investment, portfolio and risk management

Rick Larrick: Energy/environment, decision making, negiotiation

Arie Lewin: Global sourcing of labor and innovation, organizational restructuring

Christine Moorman: Marketing strategy and innovation, marketing responses to public policy 

Tony O'Driscoll: Technology management, management consulting, organizational learning

Manju Puri: Corporate finance, commercial and investment banking, venture capital/entrepreneurship

David Robinson: Corporate and entrepreneurial finance, private equity funds

Ashleigh Rosette: Leadership perceptions, workplace discrimination, negotiation

David Ridley: Health care research and policy, medical decision making

Blair Sheppard: Corporate strategy, leadership, relations in organizations

Sim Sitkin: Leadership/ethics, change/innovation, organizational control

Peter Ubel: Marketing and public policy, health care decision making, behavioral economics

Dan Vermeer: Energy/environment, corporate sustainability  


Faculty Listing by Academic Area:


Business Administration

Decision Sciences



Health Sector Management

Management Communications

Management and Organizations


Operations Management