Additional Information

Academic Readiness Resource:

Paula Sloan
Director of Quantitative Assessment and Academic Preparation

Paula is available to assess quantitative skills for prospective students and applicants and can provide specific recommendations to help entering students prepare for their MBA course work.

In the spirit of setting you up for success, we offer a number of admissions and pre-program activities to ensure you are prepared for the rigor of the program. If you are concerned about your academic readiness, our professors provide pre-program assessments and academic materials on accounting, calculus, probability, and other subjects to help you prepare for the Global Executive MBA. You may get a better idea of these materials on the MBA Ready website.

Once you are accepted into the program, you will also receive access to the Incoming Student Website, which includes additional resources, short required submissions based on some of the additional resources, and onboarding information.

Prior to each residency, you will receive a package in the mail containing all your textbooks, course packs, and other residency information. You will receive assignments, including approximately 20 hours of reading that must be completed before each residency. Although it's a significant amount of pre-work, it will be to your advantage to complete it ahead of time, so that you are not behind once you begin the residency.