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Below, meet a few of the many professors who may teach you throughout the Global Executive MBA program. Note that teaching assignments vary from year to year. The faculty listed below have taught previously in the Global Executive MBA program, but might not teach in subsequent classes.

  • John Coleman
    John Coleman
    Bio | Vita

    Past Global Executive MBA Course:
    Global Markets and Institutions

    Teaching/Research Interests:
    Macroeconomics, Monetary Economics, International Economics, International Financial Policy, International Finance

    PhD, 1987, University of Chicago, Major: Economics
    BA, 1980, University of Wisconsin, Majors: Political Science and Economics

    Interesting Facts:
    Early in his career, John was as an economist in the International Finance Division of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System in Washington D.C. His current work focuses on the adoption of technology for countries in different stages of development, structural transformations as economies attempt to sustain growth in per-capita income as well as economic motivations for ethnic conflict.

  • Mohan Venkatachalam - Professor of Accounting at Duke's Fuqua School of Business

    Mohan Venkatachalam
    Professor of Accounting and
    FM Kirby Research Fellow

    Bio | Vita

    Past Global Executive MBA Course:
    Financial Reporting and Managerial Accounting in a Global Environment

    Teaching/Research Interests:
    Financial Reporting, Financial Statement Analysis

    PhD, 1996, University of Iowa, Major: Accounting
    BA, 1986, University of Madras, India

    Interesting Facts:
    Mohan's interests span several areas including the implications of financial and nonfinancial metrics for compensation and valuation and the effects of accounting disclosures on valuation, derivatives and corporate governance issues. His most recent work involves the role of verbal and nonverbal managerial communication in financial markets.

  • Allan Lind - Professor at Duke's Fuqua School of Business

    Allan Lind
    James L. Vincent Distinguished Professor of Leadership
    Founder, Delta Leadership
    Bio | Vita

    Past Global Executive MBA Course:
    Leadership for the Global Executive

    Teaching/Research Interests:
    Global Management, Distance Management, Virtual Teams, Ethics, Leadership, Organizational Justice

    PhD, 1974, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Major: Social Psychology
    MA, 1973, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Major: Social Psychology
    BA (with High Honors), 1970, University of Florida, Major: Psychology

    Interesting Facts:
    Prior to joining Fuqua, Allan conducted policy research on law, counter-terrorism, and military leadership and decision making at the RAND Corporation. He did his doctoral dissertation research in Paris and has conducted research in France, Germany, Great Britain, New Zealand, Australia, the Netherlands, China, India, the Philippines and Japan. And, his book on the psychology of fairness in organizational, political, and social contexts is one of the 50 most cited works in his home field of social psychology. Allan Lind and fellow Fuqua professor, Sim Sitkin, are also the founders of Delta Leadership and the "Six Domains Leadership Model," which is used in all of Fuqua's leadership courses.

  • Katherine Schipper

    Katherine Schipper
    Thomas F. Keller Professor of Business Administration

    Past Global Executive MBA Course:
    Global Markets & Institutions

    Teaching/Research Interests:
    Financial reporting, Corporate governance

    BA, University of Dayton
    MBA, University of Chicago
    MA, University of Chicago
    PhD, University of Chicago
    Honorary Degree, Notre Dame University

    Interesting Facts:
    Prior to joining Duke University’s faculty, Dr. Schipper was a member of the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB). She is a frequent speaker on matters related to international accounting convergence, financial reporting standard setting, and financial reporting quality. She has been named the American Accounting Association’s Outstanding Educator and Distinguished International Lecturer, and is the first woman to be elected to the Accounting Hall of Fame. She has served the American Accounting Association as Director of Research, as President, and as President of the Financial Accounting and Reporting Section. She is or has been a member of the governing boards of a public company, a mutual fund, and a not-for-profit entity.