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The Global Executive MBA application is now available.

Global Executive MBA Admissions Counselor Diane Eytcheson

Global Executive MBA Admissions Counselor

Diane Eytcheson, your admissions counselor, can help guide you through the admissions process.

Additional Information

Your Global Executive MBA journey begins with self-reflection. MBA programs are a significant investment of time and resources, so it is important that you find the right program to help you achieve your personal and professional goals. Before you apply, take some time to reflect on your options and whether Duke is the right fit for you. 

Our High-Touch Admissions Approach

At Duke, your application starts well before you hit submit. Before you get too far and invest a lot of time in the process, we want to talk to you and learn about your background and motivations and help you determine whether this program's format and focus is right for you.

This high-touch counselor support differentiates us from other schools. It helps you better understand your admissibility before you put together your application package and before you approach your employer for support.

Diane Eytcheson is your admissions counselor. Think of her as your advisor. She is here at every step of the way, so feel free to contact her at any time. She welcomes the call (+1.919.660.7705) or email (  

Academic Preparation

Our MBA program is rigorous and challenging. Staff members are available to assess your quantitative skills, and can provide recommendations to help you prepare for the MBA course work. Learn more about Academic Preparation.

It is to your advantage to apply as early as possible to give yourself enough time to prepare both academically and professionally for the program. You are welcome to begin an application at any time. Typically, you will receive a decision within 4 to 6 weeks after your complete application is received.

International applicants should apply by the Round 5 deadline of December 2, 2014, to ensure sufficient time for visa processing.

Global Executive MBA Admission Deadlines for 2014-15

Round 1 — May 22, 2014
Round 2 — July 16, 2014
Round 3 — September 3, 2014
Round 4 — October 15, 2014
Round 5 — December 2, 2014
Round 6 — January 12, 2015

If you are concerned about your quantitative readiness for the next class, you should not apply in the final deadline round as the late deadline may not allow for adequate quantitative assessment and preparation. For more information, visit the Academic Preparation page.

Read about our selection criteria.

All applications are evaluated holistically, based on multiple criteria. Outlined below are the ways in which we utilize the components of your application to make an admission decision. Admissions Counselor Diane Eytcheson is available to provide additional insight on your candidacy for the program. Contact her at 1.919.660.7705 or

Fit, Passion, and Impact

Your application essays, recommendations, and interview are what weave fit, passion, and impact together into your "story."  

  • Recommenders provide an unbiased third-party perspective on the impact that you have made personally and professionally. Application Tip: Prepare your recommenders so that they represent you well and highlight aspects of your candidacy that are not reflected in other areas of the application.

  • Your essays allow us to get to know you as a person—what drives you and inspires you. You have the opportunity here to fill in any gaps or provide additional details on key areas of your application. Application Tip: Be yourself—we want to get to know you!

  • Your interview allows you to demonstrate your interpersonal skills—a critical component of your success in the program. It will also provide additional insight into who you are, and give you the opportunity to demonstrate "fit" with our program and the Fuqua culture and community. Application Tip: The self-reflection and research that you have done on Fuqua and the Global Executive MBA program will be exactly the preparation you need to do well in an interview.

Academic Aptitude

We do not require or give preference to any particular undergraduate major. Students come from a wide range of academic backgrounds. No GMAT is required for this program.

Professional Experience

The Global Executive MBA program is for working professionals. This program requires a minimum of 10 years post-undergraduate work experience with a strong leadership/management component and current or pending global work responsibilities. You must be employed on a full-time basis to qualify for the program. Use the application to articulate how your international work experience will contribute to the learning environment at Fuqua and show how your management experience has helped you develop leadership and teamwork skills, as well as maturity, on professional and personal levels.

English Proficiency

International students bring diverse perspectives that are highly valued in the classroom, but only if each student's English skills are sufficiently strong to allow them to actively participate in class and group discussions. We require one of three English proficiency tests (TOEFL, IELTS, or PTE) and further evaluate non-native speakers' English skills during the interview.

Language Proficiency Waiver Policy: A language proficiency test waiver may be requested by candidates who provide written documentation of earning a non-technical degree from an English speaking institution, or who have significant English speaking work experience. Send your request and supporting information to

Credential Verification

To deter fraudulent applications and to preserve the integrity of our learning community, Fuqua has retained Re Vera Services, LLC to verify the information included in applications. If you are admitted, you will be provided with instructions on the verification process, which could take a few weeks to process. Any omission, falsification or misrepresentation in your application is grounds for automatic revocation of all offers of admission and financial assistance, or expulsion from the Global Executive MBA program. You are responsible for the nominal fee for this service.

Next, learn about the application process, step-by-step.

Step-by-Step: From learning about the Global Executive MBA program and determining "fit" to joining your classmates at orientation, here are tips about how to approach each step. Remember, Admissions Counselor Diane Eytcheson is here to help you through this process. Contact her at 1.919.660.7705 or

  1. Start the Conversation: Do your research. Talk to family, friends, mentors, your employer, and Diane Eytcheson, the admissions counselor; attend an information session, open house, meet-and-greet, luncheon, or campus visit; and decide whether the program is right for you. Then, review the application deadlines and develop a timeline for completing your application. To find an admissions event near you, check out our events calendar.

  2. Apply: Access and complete the online application, which can be done over multiple sittings. Go to Application Instructions for details about the application components.

  3. Interview: Interviews are required for admission and may be conducted at any point in the admissions process. Interviews may be done in person or by phone, and should be scheduled online.

  4. Receive your Decision: You will be notified via email and postal mail of your admission decision. If you are accepted to the program, you are required to submit your nonrefundable 7,500 USD tuition deposit and hard copies of your official transcripts by the deposit deadline (noted in your letter of admission) to reserve your place in the class. The deposit deadline is generally 3 weeks after the date of admission.

  5. Access the Incoming Student Website (ISW): A few months before the start of the program, you will gain access to the ISW where you will find all the information you need to transition into your new academic life at Fuqua. There, you will receive program announcements, academic assignments to prepare before the first term, technical and computer information, and travel details for residencies. This is your main resource to facilitate your transition to Fuqua. You'll need to visit the site often for updates and guidance.

  6. Apply for your Visa: Each residency may require a visa, even for American citizens. For international students coming to the U.S. for the first residency in Durham, NC, USA, an F-1 student visa is REQUIRED, and no other visa will be accepted. If applicable, visa application information will be included in your admission packet, along with specific deadlines for submission. Visa processing can take up to several months to complete, so it is critical to apply early to ensure that you are able to join the program. International applicants should apply by December 2, 2014. Contact our office if you plan to apply later, to ensure sufficient time for visa processing.

Current U.S. Visa Holders: If you already are lawfully present in the U.S. (e.g., H1-B, L-1, etc.), you will need to complete the web form sent to you by The Fuqua School's admissions office. Your current visa status will not be affected, but all non-immigrant visa holders are required to register their presence on campus. In addition, you will need to present your passport, I-797, and I-94 or I-94 admissions page.

Lawful Permanent Residents (Green Card Holders): You are required to present your Form I-551 (Green Card) at registration, so be sure to bring the original document to campus.

Interviews are required for admission to the Global Executive MBA program. An interview provides an opportunity for our admissions committee to get to know you better. It's also a chance for you to provide a more personal explanation of your background and interest. You are also encouraged to ask questions during the interview.

Interviewers will have a copy of your resume, but no other component of your application. Interviews are conducted:

  • At any point in the admissions process
  • In-person at the Fuqua campus in Durham, NC, or by phone
  • By an admissions officer
  • In English and typically last 30 minutes to an hour

Interview Registration

All candidates are required to schedule an interview, which can be done before or after submitting the online application. Schedule your interview online (the interview scheduling system is not connected to the online application, so you will need to create a unique account for each).

If you qualify for a fee waiver or reduction, simply choose the "fee waiver or reduction" option and follow the instructions in the online application BEFORE you submit it. This is the only way to receive the waiver. We are NOT able to offer refunds after you submit an application.

Qualifications for Waiver

  1. You are a member of the military: Active duty, U.S. active reserve, or honorably discharged/completed service (within 3 years) military personnel. Only voluntary service is valid. Mandatory service may not be used for qualification.
  2. You are an active participant or alumnus/na of the Peace Corps, AmeriCorps, or Teach for America.  
  3. You receive Fuqua Admissions Committee approval. Include the reason for your waiver request and the name of the committee member granting approval. 
  4. You are a member of the Forte Foundation or Management Leadership for Tomorrow. 
  5. You attend one of Fuqua's diversity events: The Duke MBA Workshop for Minority Applicants, The Duke MBA Weekend for WomenThe Duke MBA LGBT Weekend or The Duke MBA Veterans' Symposium for Military Applicants.

Qualifications for a Reduction (Apply for $125 vs. $225)

  • Receive a referral or recommendation from a Fuqua student or alumnus/alumna: 
  • Register for and attend at least one of the following activities between now and January 31:
    • Open House
    • Information Session
    • Informational Luncheon
    • Meet & Greet

Next, review the admissions requirements.