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Learn more about why The Duke MBA is a great option for developing your employees. Employers can provide different levels of sponsorship that allow employees to pursue career advancement. Sponsorship can range from full financial support to allowing time away from the office.

Here are just a few of the types of sponsorship our students receive:

  • Full Financial Sponsorship Company pays full tuition plus travel to and from residencies.
  • Full Financial Sponsorship with an Employee Work Commitment Company pays full tuition in exchange for the employee agreeing to a defined work commitment upon completion of the program.
  • Partial Company Sponsorship Company pays partial tuition and/or travel expenses.
  • Absentee Support Employee has paid time off for time away from the office, but bears the cost of tuition and travel.
  • Absentee Support with Time Made Up Employee absences are excused, but he/she must make up the time they've missed for their residencies.

Why Should I Invest?

This is probably one of the toughest issues businesses face today, especially in uncertain economic times. But, ask yourselfwhat is your company's best asset? If you're like many, you probably will say "our people." Yet, too many companies fail to sufficiently invest in their "best assets." When times get tough, employee development is often an area that gets sacrificed. However, economies turn around and the best employees often don't wait too long to get developed. Rather, they eventually invest in themselves and look for new opportunities. And when you lose your employees and experience high turnover, you must then train new employees who take their place. The onboarding of new employees is a significant, but often hidden, financial drain on the company. In the long run, sustained employee development can lead to long-term company success and competitive advantages.

Who Should I Invest In?

The best employees for sponsorship are those who have a passion for your business, believe in your company's purpose, exhibit strong leadership skills, and show a commitment to their career advancement.

Return on Investment

By sponsoring your employee in Duke's Global Executive MBA program, your company will quickly see a return on investment. Because students continue working during the program, your sponsored employee will be able to immediately apply what they learn in school back at work. In addition, the global and senior-level nature of the program means your employee will be networking with executives from all over the world who could have business synergies with your organization, so the opportunity for your student's network to turn into business opportunities is very real. The real-time application of knowledge has an immediate impact to your bottom line while the savings or business opportunities from just one innovative idea or one new business partner can pay for the full cost of tuition.

Strengthening Your Leadership Pool From Within

By investing in your employee, you can strengthen the leadership pool from within and gain loyalty between employer and employee. With this degree, your employee becomes part of the next flock of global leaders, able to easily navigate through multi-national business dealings with cohorts from diverse cultural backgrounds. You'll be able to stretch your employee in new ways and you'll quickly realize the value of the vast expansion of their professional network.

Learning in Class Today, Applying Knowledge Tomorrow

Throughout the program, students exchange ideas with other senior level executives from critical economies around the globe and from diverse industries and perspectives. Knowledge comes from not only our highly-regarded faculty but peers, corporate speakers, and key business leaders in each host country. As employees progress through the program, what they learn in the program is quickly applied to your business challenges with no time lag. To facilitate the process, you may want to consider meeting with your employee each term to understand what he/she is learning and where the opportunities are to add incremental value to your organization.

Also, in Term 5, students engage in a capstone project, called an Organizational Change Initiative, as part of their Leadership for the Global Executive course. Based on a wide range of topics, students design a detailed change plan with the intent of it being implemented. It encompasses in-depth analysis with a focus on action and outcome. Through this long-term project, companies have the opportunity to address a current business problem through their employee's project.

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