Duke - The Fuqua School of Business

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long are students away from the office?

    Students are away from the office for just two weeks at a time during their five residencies, then they participate in distance learning for two months.

  • How much is tuition?

    Tuition is 166,000 USD (for the class beginning in 2016). This does not include travel to and from the residential sessions, a laptop, visas, or vaccinations.

  • Does my employee need to live in a specific city while in the program?

    No.  Your employee does not have to live in a specific place. Should they need to relocate, there should be no impact to their ability to participate in the program. 

  • Besides classes in cities world-wide, what else makes for a global experience?

    Throughout the program, students will be introduced to local business leaders, in seven different regions, who will provide their perspective on their country's business practices.  But to a larger extent, each class is comprised of other executives from dozens of different countries, which brings diverse perspectives to class.  Learn more about what happens during global residencies. Also, our multi-term courses provide a rich and formal educational structure to maximize the value of travelling to and experiencing each location first-hand.

  • How will the Global Executive MBA program strengthen the leadership skills of my employee?

    Students learn from Duke's industry-leading faculty as well as from top-level executives and their program peers.  Students go through the same rigorous curriculum, have the same grading standards, and receive the same degree as Duke confers in Fuqua's other MBA programs. However, the course content in the Global Executive MBA program is tailored to include more global issues and strategies to serve a cohort of senior level executives with current or anticipated global leadership responsibilities. Finally, students will take a global leadership course that runs throughout the program.

  • What benefit will my business get as my employee progresses through the Global MBA program?

    Because students attend residencies for just two weeks, employees can apply what they learn as soon as they return to the office.  In many instances, students will use their company as context for what they study, researching ways to overcome your business challenges and capitalize on your business opportunities. Further, as part of their program, students will have the opportunity to create a capstone project with the intent of implementing it. Should your employee choose a work-related project, he or she may give you the opportunity to help choose a topic that would be most beneficial to the company.