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Frequently Asked Questions


  • How is the Global Executive program different, in terms of academic content, from other executive MBA programs? What makes it global?

    The Global Executive program uses the same faculty base, the same rigorous curriculum and grading standards, and provides the same Duke degree as Fuqua's other MBA programs. However, course content is adjusted to include more global issues and strategies to serve a cohort of senior level executives with global leadership responsibilities. Unlike traditional executive MBA programs with a regional draw, the flexibility of the Global Executive program attracts students from around the globe. The student body is diverse in terms of geography and industry.

    Sixty percent of classroom time takes place during the residencies. Students study, discuss, and experience the way in which region-specific institutions, markets, cultures, and civilizations both enhance and hinder international commerce. Working with a personal leadership coach throughout the program, you also explore the unique leadership and personal development issues you may face.

  • What is the purpose/value in having international residencies?

    International residencies enrich the class component by providing various lenses (social, economic, cultural, political) through which to view different economies and systems. Instead of simply studying about an economy, we provide experiential learning components that allow you to experience the region outside of the classroom to allow for more relevant debate inside the classroom. Events include regional company visits, regional speaker events, and discussions with company representatives who supplement case discussions. Additionally, being away from professional and personal responsibilities in an unfamiliar culture helps build the camaraderie and team spirit of the cohort. Classmates who reside in the residency location act as hosts and expose the class to experiences and cultural insights that the average visitor would not encounter.

  • How accessible is the faculty online?

    Faculty contact is a significant part of the program. In addition to weekly real-time class meetings, faculty monitor class and team bulletin board discussions and respond to emails on a regular basis. Faculty vary in availability, usually due to the subject matter and other teaching/research commitments. However, you can expect highly accessible faculty and that, on average, they will respond within 24 hours.

  • What learning formats are used during the program?

    The format of each class varies based on professor and subject. The curriculum incorporates a combination of lecture, case-based learning, independent preparation and reading, class discussion, and team work. Learn more about learning formats here.

  • Can group or individual projects be done that are directly related to my company?

    There are several opportunities to work on issues facing your company, although these opportunities vary depending on the professor and the course. For instance, one course may ask your team to analyze some aspect of a corporation; if your corporation has challenges that interest your teammates, you may be able to persuade your team to focus on your company. Another course may ask you to write analyses based on your personal experience within your corporation. Finally, in your last term you will do a capstone project that is intended to be implemented. You could choose to focus on a real company issue for that project. Regardless of the project, the courses are designed so that you may implement course materials in your daily work within a reasonable amount of time.

  • Can families attend the residencies?

    While we highly value the support of families, we intentionally do not invite families to residencies. The value of the educational experience is proportionate to the time students invest in the classes, cohort, and educational experiences while in residency. Therefore, if students want to share the international experiences with their families, we ask that students invite their family to join them before or after the program residency.


  • Given the rigor of the program and the necessary time commitment, how do I fit this into my life? How are current Global Executive MBA students handling it?

    Every year, students enrolled in this program successfully balance their significant professional and personal responsibilities with the rigors of the academic curriculum. Outside of the residencies, students report spending 15 - 20 hours a week on school work. Every student manages their time differently; some study for a few hours each day while others may study during weekends.

    It's important to find a routine that works for you, your team, your family, and your colleagues. Keep conversations with them open and revise as needed. Gaining the support of those around you-your significant other, family, and co-workers-will be key to your success.

  • Do I have to attend all of the residencies?

    Yes, attendance is required at every residency, for the entire residency. It is a lock-step program, and you are required to move through the curriculum with your classmates.

  • Will I be required to have a laptop or any special software?

    You need a reliable laptop as well as a stable internet service provider (ISP). These tools are essential for completing the program requirements. Once you are accepted to the program, you will receive more details about computer and software requirements. Fuqua offers an option to purchase a computer system at a competitive price with customized support.


  • How technologically savvy do I need to be to succeed in the program?

    During your first residency, we provide an extra week for orientation. Part of this orientation focuses on getting students comfortable with understanding and using the technology. There is a wide range of computer skills among students, and we recommend that you have some basic computer skills (Excel, Word, PowerPoint) to succeed in the program.

  • What "type" of student are you looking for?

    Although each applicant will be assessed on his/her unique qualities, here are some characteristics that the admissions committee looks for in a Global Executive applicant: 

    • Minimum of 10 years work experience
    • Significant current or pending global leadership experience and job responsibilities
    • Enthusiasm, inquisitiveness, and commitment to ensure success in an intellectually challenging global learning endeavor
    • Quantitative aptitude and the intellectual ability to complete a rigorous graduate degree program, as demonstrated in prior academic coursework and professional experience 
    • High English proficiency
  • Do you require the GMAT?

    We do not require the GMAT for this program. We evaluate quantitative abilities by evaluating undergraduate coursework and transcripts, as well as a candidate's quantitative job responsibilities. When we have questions about quantitative readiness, we make arrangements for prospective students to participate in a math discussion and assessment with a Fuqua professor.

  • Can I speak with a current student or alumni to hear first-hand about the Global Executive experience?

    Yes. Please connect with Admissions Counselor Diane Eytcheson, who will be happy to provide you with contact information for a current student or alumni. Email her today.

  • I am apprehensive about my quantitative readiness. How do you assess my quantitative skills in the admissions decision process? Is there help available prior to the start of the program?

    The admissions committee will look closely at your performance at the undergraduate level and in any graduate work you have done, particularly quantitative courses (statistics, calculus, accounting, finance and/or economics). Also, the committee will consider your career history and the types of quantitative work to which you have been exposed. Should there be a question about your quantitative readiness for the program, we are able to connect you with a faculty member who will work with you to assess your quantitative skills, and may recommend steps to proactively prepare yourself to be successful in the program. 

  • Is an interview required?

    Yes. Your application is not complete without the interview. Your interview can be scheduled at any point in the application process. If you are unable to meet with us in-person, you may schedule an interview by telephone or via Skype. Learn more about interviews on the Admissions Criteria & Process page.


  • I have not yet been in the workplace for 15 years. Am I too young for the program?

    A particular strength the Global Executive MBA program is that the experiences brought to the classroom by the students elevate the learning experience. The average years of work experience are 15, but of course, there are some students with fewer years and some with more. The admissions committee will consider not only the quantity of years, but the quality of your work experience. An important factor in assessing your application is whether you will be able to make a valuable contribution to the classroom in addition to whether you will be able to succeed in the program. This is where your career responsibilities and experiences, and the interview are very important.


  • Do I have to have corporate support to be admitted to the Global Executive MBA program?

    There are two types of corporate support: one is support for the endeavor itself and the other is financial. It is not a requirement that your company support your participation financially. Your company must endorse your involvement in the program by allowing the time necessary to fully participate in the program, which includes attendance at all of the onsite residencies and flexibility for the additional commitment you've made in your daily life. As part of the application process, you must have a written letter of support from your organization stating its willingness to let you be away from the office for the required period of time. How to categorize that time off (vacation, paid time off) is a decision that is left to you and your employer.

  • How do I go about getting corporate financial support?

    Policies vary among companies in terms of how they view educational benefits. We see the Global Executive MBA program as a partnership among the student, the organization, and Fuqua, so we are eager to see that you have all of the information you need to garner adequate support from your organization. If appropriate, we can also put you in touch with Duke students or alumni from your organization (or industry) to help discuss strategies for gaining corporate financial support. Check out our Employer Support section for more information, including a sample letter of support.

  • How will I be billed for the program fees, and do you offer special payment plans?

    After acceptance, you will be asked to pay a deposit of 6,000 USD. The remaining balance will be divided into five equal installments and are due prior to each term. View the fee schedule here.

  • What is NOT included in tuition?

    Travel to and from the residencies, visas, vaccinations, a 40 USD transcript fee, incidental costs at each residency (phone calls, laundry, souvenirs) and the local Internet service provider costs incurred during the distance portion of the program are not included in the program fee.


Credential Verification

  • What is the purpose of the background verification process?

    We use a third party vendor, Re Vera Services, to conduct background verifications to evaluate the accuracy of information included in your application. This is a standard part of your enrollment at Fuqua and we do not anticipate finding any inconsistencies between the information you reported in your application and our investigative results. We fully expect all matriculates to join Team Fuqua.

  • How much does it cost?

    $85.00. You will be responsible for paying the fee directly to Re Vera Services via credit card. The fee will cover the cost of verifying your contact, employment, education, and recommender information, as listed in your application.

  • What will I have to do to begin this process?

    If admitted, you will be provided with an instructional email including next steps for the verification process. You will receive the instructional email following your admission decision release and after all student data has been transmitted to Re Vera for upload. You do not need to take any action regarding verification until you receive the instructional email. The email will also include a due date by which the next steps must be initiated. You will be asked to login to the Re Vera Services website, by the date assigned, e-sign a release form, and submit a $75 payment.

  • How long does it take to complete the process?

    Each verification takes approximately 2 - 4 weeks, but the timeline could be longer depending on factors out of Re Vera’s control. Examples include: slow response times from recommenders, employers, or academic institutions. It is possible that your verification may not be completed before program start due to such factors. This is not cause for concern as we will continue with your verification until it is fully complete.

  • When will I know that the process is complete? Who will contact me?

    Once your background verification has been successfully completed, you will receive an official notification email from The Office of Admissions. DO NOT contact Re Vera Services or Fuqua to inquire about the status of your verification.

  • When should I expect to receive communications from Re Vera Services?

    Re Vera Services will send a confirmation email once your payment and release form have been received. You may also expect to receive communication/s from Re Vera Services regarding application materials, or if a discrepancy is found. Note: you may receive emails from several different people at Re Vera Services as each individual specializes in a particular area of the process. Specify your preferred email address on your release form and be on the lookout for emails that require your attention.

  • Do I need to contact my employer/recommenders?

    Yes. Notify your current and past employers that Re Vera Services may contact them to confirm your employment information. It is also a good idea to inform your recommenders as well. Please see sample verbiage below.

    Sample Verbiage: I have been accepted to The Duke MBA—Global Executive program, Class of 20XX, at The Fuqua School of Business in Durham, North Carolina. The Fuqua School of Business employs a third party vendor to conduct background verifications. The verification process is conducted to evaluate the accuracy of information included in my application. This is a standard part of the enrollment process in which The Fuqua School of Business does not anticipate finding any inconsistencies between the information reported in my application and their investigative results. They fully expect all matriculates to join Team Fuqua as planned.

    Employer: I would like to inform you that Re Vera Services may contact you in order to verify my employment. If Re Vera Services should contact an HR representative instead, please feel free to redirect me to the appropriate HR resource by providing a name and phone number of the proper contact.

    Recommender: I would like to inform you that Re Vera Services may contact you in order to verify your recommendation.

  • What exactly do you look for?

    Re Vera Services will be verifying your contact, employment, education, and recommender information, as listed in your application.

  • I have not yet told my current employer about my plans to attend business school. How should I handle the background verification of my current employer?

    If you have not notified your current employer about your plans to attend business school, please NOTIFY RE VERA SERVICES IMMEDIATELY after you receive notification from The Office of Admissions that you are able to access and initiate the background verification process. You may do so by emailing fuqua@reveraservices.com

    Re Vera Services can place a HOLD on this portion of your file which will not delay other portions of the verification. You will receive confirmation of your HOLD status from Re Vera Services. After Re Vera Services has confirmed your HOLD status, you should then fill out and submit your release form and payment online as soon as possible to initiate the other portions of the verification process.

    Company policy requires that you send Re Vera Services something in writing (email is acceptable) to release the hold on your file. Please send Re Vera Services an email as soon as you leave your current position, or your file will remain open and incomplete. Since your matriculation or continued participation in the program is contingent on the verification, please remember to release the hold as soon as you have left your current position. We ask that all holds be released by the first day of orientation.

  • I am self-employed, or have been self-employed at some point in my career. What documents do I need to provide to Re Vera Services for the verification to be successful?

    If you indicated a period of self-employment on your application, please be aware that your verification will not be complete until you forward corporate documents including (but not limited to) Articles of Incorporation noting state or place of incorporation. Send these documents to fuqua@reveraservices.com (PDF is preferred) or fax to +1.617.275.8641. Documents from foreign countries do not need to be translated, but please include the exact place of incorporation if not noted in your paperwork.

  • What should I do if my contact information has changed since I submitted my application?

    You will not have the option to update information via Re Vera Service's website. Any desired changes will need to be forwarded to Re Vera Services at fuqua@reveraservices.com. Please also copy the Office of Admissions at admitted@fuqua.duke.edu so that we may update our records as well.

  • What should I do if my recommender's contact information has changed since I submitted my application?

    Please relay this information to Stacey Goldberg at sgoldberg@reveraservices.com and include "The Fuqua School of Business - Recommender Update" in the subject of the email.

  • What if I know I made a mistake on my application, how can I fix it?

    If you realize that a mistake was made in your application, please email Re Vera Services at fuqua@reveraservices.com. They will address the discrepancy with The Admissions Office and contact you if any further explanation is needed.

  • What types of discrepancies are acceptable vs. the type of discrepancy that will have consequences?

    Minor discrepancies will not cause concern. Some examples are: mistakenly listing a graduation date instead of a degree granted date, an official job title that is slightly different from the working title submitted in the application, or employment start/end dates that are off by a few days. However, further investigation would be needed for more concerning discrepancies. One example would be a degree that was not granted by an institution reported in the application.

  • What is the process if a discrepancy is found? Will I have a chance to respond to the discrepancy?

    Any major discrepancy found will be shared with you so that a clarification can be provided.

  • What are ramifications of an actionable discrepancy that is not resolved?

    Any omission, falsification, or misrepresentation found in your application, including violations of GMAT, GRE, or any ESL testing policies, is grounds for automatic revocation of all offers of admission and financial assistance, or expulsion from Fuqua.

  • What happens if I don't complete the background verification process?

    The consequences for omission, falsification, misrepresentation, or failure to complete the required verification process may be grounds for blocked access to Duke facilities and course registration, automatic revocation of all offers of admission and financial assistance, or expulsion from Fuqua.

  • I have additional questions that were not addressed in these FAQs.

    First check the Frequently Asked Questions on Re Vera's website. You are welcome to contact Re Vera Services by phone +1.888.408.4384 or email fuqua@reveraservices.com with any questions or concerns. You may also connect with The Office of Admissions via phone +1.919.660.7705 or email at admitted@fuqua.duke.edu.