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Embedded and Connected

Fuqua is "Embedded and Connected" across the world's most distinct global economies. Watch this video to see the program in action and to hear from past students of the Global Executive MBA program as well as the Cross Continent MBA program (for early to mid-career professionals). The video is the best and clearest way for you to understand the many ways you will benefit from this globally embedded and connected program.

Program Terms & Residencies

The Global Executive MBA program leverages Fuqua's portfolio of regions to the fullest and consists of a 16-month curriculum divided into 5 mandatory terms:

  • 2 terms include a residency on Duke's main campus in Durham, NC, USA
  • 3 terms include a residency in select regions around the world, which may include:
    • Africa
    • Asia
    • Europe
    • Latin America
    • Middle East

Residencies are rigorous and concentrated, so you should plan to completely step away from your job while you're in residency. Before and after each residency is a more flexible distance-learning period. During distance learning periods, you will continue your coursework through virtual classroom sessions, team projects, individual assignments, and exams.

Optional Term

You have the option of studying for a 6th term to complete a concentration in:

  • Energy and Environment
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Strategy

Or certificate in: