In addition to the residencies, you will participate in distance learning periods that are approximately 2 months long. During this time, you will continue your coursework, complete team projects, and apply what you learn at work. Distance learning includes:

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  • Coursework

  • Team Projects

  • Applying What You Learn

Time Commitment

The distance learning period helps you to balance your work/school life and your personal life. Because you have approximately 2 months of distance learning with greater flexibility, you can more easily meet your varied obligations. Your schedule will be unique given your particular circumstances.

We typically hear that Global Executive MBA students spend about 20 hours a week on school activities, ranging from studying to working on assignments to participating in team conference calls. However, some students spend significantly more or less time, depending on their existing aptitude for a subject or depending on individual drivers and motivations.

Given that work/life/school balance is often an important consideration for people contemplating such a significant educational investment, feel free to contact an admissions officer who can connect you with alumni to talk about this topic or any other topic. Read more about work/life/school balance.