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Global Residencies

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The Regional Experience

Our regional directors describe how they help you to become a better global business leader by providing engaging, insightful, and sometimes unexpected experiences.

Residency Locations

Your residency experiences are at the core of what makes The Duke MBA—Global Executive program unique. Two residencies take place on Duke's main campus in Durham, NC, USA. The non-U.S. residencies offer a rich cultural immersion. Global residency locations may include cities in the following regions:

  • Africa
  • Asia
  • Europe
  • Latin America
  • Middle East

Residency locations may change based on travel restrictions or safety concerns.


Unique Features & Benefits of Global Residencies

As a member of a global cohort of executives, you'll meet your classmates in the most compelling economic regions of the world, where you'll see how business happens. You'll compare and contrast what you learn and experience in every region. The ultimate goal is not that you learn specifically how to do business in a city like New Delhi, or Santiago, but rather to make you question why business happens the way it does, while providing you with a set of analytical tools to achieve better business outcomes anywhere in the world. Learn more below:

  • Fuqua has an expansive network in the regions you'll learn in. We have built deep and meaningful relationships, advisory boards, and partnerships with leading firms and executives in each region. And because of these relationships, we're able to better understand macroeconomic and industry-specific business drivers in each region and provide you with the most relevant experiential learning from live cases in local industries to VIP guest speakers from the C-suite.

  • Prepare to interact with the world in a very different way than you would on any other trip. Through our facilitated learning format, you'll see Asia or Latin America in a whole new way, even if you've been there dozens of times before. We'll make you dig deeper, question your biases, and be humbled in ways that could only be done by actually being in the world and experiencing it through a learning lens.

  • With a broader perspective, you'll see that the potential of globalization won't be realized by replicating dominant trade, commercial, and other institutional arrangements. Rather, as you progress through our series of immersions in diverse economies, you'll begin to realize that everything has a cultural context—even data and analytical constructs. What you take as obvious or "true" is predicated by your cultural framework and may be completely irrelevant within a different cultural framework. In our program, you'll develop cross-cultural competency frameworks that will serve as a basis for you to understand these dynamics so you'll know how to create value in any political economy.

  • The vast geographic diversity represented in your cohort provides even deeper context for debate and discussion. During some residencies, you may be the host while in others the guest. The value of your diverse class is paramount to developing a regional context in business as each person will bring with them a unique set of experiences that will add different dimensions to the dialogue and enrich your experience.

  • Although you will globe trot and be immersed in new and unexpected experiences, by design, your program is also flanked by residencies at Duke's home campus in Durham, NC, USA. You'll begin your studies by getting to know your future alma mater and finish with the pomp and circumstance of a traditional graduation ceremony. Ours is a university steeped in tradition and pride. No matter your age or years since college, walking the hallowed grounds of Cameron Indoor Stadium, touring Duke Chapel, jogging through Duke Forest, golfing at the Washington Duke Inn & Golf Club, and meeting the rest of Team Fuqua, are all things "Dukies" should experience and are part of what makes Duke unique.

A Day in Residency

To help you envision your life during a residency, view a sample schedule. Some days may begin with attending breakfast with a C-level executive who will discuss the political landscape and how it affects doing business in Latin America. Then, you'll go to class; and afterwards, you'll break into teams to work on an assignment. The day culminates with a Q&A with a local business leader.

Learn what to expect after a residency in your distance learning period.