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Term Structure

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Each term consists of the following: a reading period, global residency, a short break, a 2-month distance-learning period, and a final break before the start of the next term.

Reading Period Expectations

Before each reading period, you will receive a package of your course materials for the term. To make the most of your classroom time while in a residency, professors expect you to complete the pre-reading and assignments before you arrive for the residency.

Residency Expectations

While in residency, your days will be tightly scheduled with classes, executive guest speakers, and cultural business immersion events. Unscheduled time is typically spent working on team assignments, networking with classmates, and experiencing the city. To get an idea about what to expect during a residency, view a sample schedule.

Distance Period Expectations

Distance periods last about 2 months. During that time, you will continue your coursework, attend classes via our distance-learning platform, and work on team projects. Although your workload will remain high during this period, you will have greater scheduling flexibility, so you can manage your time and deliverables more independently than during the residency periods.

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