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Connecting to Build a Global Team

Duke Global Executive MBAs speak about how working on diverse teams has helped them successfully collaborate with people from different cultures and countries.

A Global Journey

"I have learned so much from the program, and my enthusiasm for Duke will always be with me. I have formed a deep emotional bond with the school. I admire the great administrators, the visionary architects of the program, and the exceptionally accomplished, brilliant  professors, as well as my high caliber, talented, diverse classmates. The program was a journey, and it will always fill my heart with joy and an immense sense of pride."

Hari Garhwal '12
Managing Partner
Garhwal, Chan & Williams

You may think that an academic pursuit is all about a structured learning environment, useful content, good professors, and achieving a professional goal—and this program is all of that. But, what you learn inside the classroom will only be challenged by what you learn outside the classroom. At Fuqua, it's the people and the experiences you share together that you can't fully anticipate and that you will never forget. The academics, the formal structures, the informal experiences, and the people—they will change you, transform your thinking, and bring you places you didn't expect to go personally or professionally.

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