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Alberto Scherb, '11

iPad & iPhone After Sales Carrier Manager for Latin America, Spain & Portugal, Apple


Nationality: Mexican

"…the most important reason I chose Fuqua is that I wanted to learn from the best."

The Fuqua Experience

Fuqua's Global Executive MBA program is aimed at experienced executives -- the type of  people I wanted to surround myself with. I looked into other business schools, but felt that the people at Duke were more down-to-earth. From the alumni to the administration, there was a connection that just felt right. Also, several of my managers, whose opinions I respect, and several VPs at Apple, earned an MBA from Duke.  Similarly, our CEO, Tim Cook, has a Duke MBA. But the most important reason I chose Fuqua is that I wanted to learn from the best. 

Leadership Focus

Duke puts a strong emphasis on leadership that has helped me understand how I can use my skills to further my career and bring success to Apple. Being a successful leader is one of the most important skills to have your success and your business’ success is dependent upon how well you lead and manage others.

Professor Allan Lind’s leadership class was particularly motivating because I could immediately apply what I learned at work. I felt so strongly about his class that I connected Professor Lind with a developer to build an app called “Leader Cues” based upon Lind’s Six Domains of Leadership model. It is now available in the iPhone App Store.

Global Network

My new global network is what I feel most proud to be part of. My classmates continue to provide input and knowledge when I approach them for ideas, proposals, and friendship matters. I now have a network of friends and associates from around the world that bring different perspectives to my thinking.

Working in Teams

While working with my team, I came to understand that my behavior can affect team dynamics and can impact others in both negative and positive ways. It can be a challenge to work on a team with a lot of passionate Type A personalities. I realized that I had to temper the passion and emotion that I so proudly carry and focus on objectives and outcomes.