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Jim Pribble, '11

Projects and Proposals Manager for Subsea Process Systems, FMC Technologies


Nationality: American

"The greatest lesson I learned while studying at Fuqua was simple—today, if you're in business, you're either global, or you're out of business."

Active Duty

In the Navy, I saw the value of strong leadership by seeing people lead well and lead poorly. The combination of my observations and my own practice served as a catalyst in turning me into a true student of the study of leadership. I chose Fuqua for a lot of reasons, but fully transforming from student to leader was one of my primary goals.

I also knew that earning my MBA from a top-tier school would help facilitate my transition into the private sector. While researching my options, I discovered some videos of [then Dean] Blair Sheppard on bigthink.com and was impressed with his view of what it will take to succeed in business. His desire for excellence went beyond the core courses MBA programs offer. He said that businesses should focus on building cross-functional, cross-cultural leaders of consequence -- this is what really turned my head.

Global or Bust

The greatest lesson I learned while studying at Fuqua was simple -- today, if you're in business, you're either global, or you're out of business. The world is much smaller and it is much easier to collaborate with people across the globe, thanks to modern technology. Now you can tap international resources, build a global supply chain, and construct facilities around the world with relative ease. 

Inspiring Leaders

The Global Executive MBA class of 2011 was comprised of amazing leaders -- all friends and mentors to me now. I could call any of them today and be treated like family. Each of my classmates had a unique personality, leadership style, and executive presence. Of all the guest speakers, government officials, and VIPs we encountered along our journey, the most inspiring business leaders I met were the members of my own class. 

Future Prospects

I view my MBA as a stepping-stone in my career. The Navy provided me with a myriad of lessons on leadership and how to deal with pressure. But the MBA I earned at Duke gave me the academic knowledge and credentials to be placed into positions that actually use my skills at the right level in an organization. The quality of a Duke MBA is virtually unparalleled -- it combines academic rigor with a global and leadership focus. My MBA will allow me to take a more vertical trajectory at work, multiplying my impact as a thought leader, strategic thinker, and manager.