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Lindsay Ziegler, '11

IT Consultant, Ziegler Consulting


Nationality: American

"What I learned is that we are all different, yet all the same."

Why Fuqua?

I wanted an MBA that was global and well-regarded, so I chose Fuqua. I already knew a good deal about the school because my daughter is a Fuqua graduate and had only positive things to say about the program.

It also seemed to be the perfect time for me to pursue an MBA. My kids are grown and owning my own consulting business gave me the flexibility to do the program. From a career standpoint, I wish that there had been a global MBA program 20 years ago -- it's something I would have taken full advantage of.

In-Depth Understanding

The true value of the program was in gaining a better understanding of the world economy, including how people live and work in other parts of the world. Before the program, I had a very narrow view of the world. After going through the global residencies, my view became much broader and what I learned is that we are all different, yet all the same.

Increased Scope

In my consulting business, with one client I was able to increase my job scope once they realized they could use my new marketing and strategy skills. What had initially been an IT selection job turned into a complete redrafting of their IT strategy, including the review and revision of their hosting and support arrangements and a redesign of their supporting systems.

Future Career Path

I want to change my career path. I'd like to concentrate on a company's global IT strategy by combining my marketing, strategy, and IT expertise. I want to steer the company I work for into viewing IT as a holistic business strategy decision rather than pure financial ROI. The question should not necessarily be "Will this investment in IT save more than it costs?" but rather, "Is this investment crucial to support our business strategy?"