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Vats Rajagopalan, '11

Principal, Investcorp Bank, Bahrain

Nationality: Indian

"During my MBA program I became the CFO of Investcorp’s $1B Gulf Fund and now head the mid-office function supporting all Gulf businesses."

The Power of Education

Education is the most powerful tool for job success, and it has been extremely important to my growth. I knew an MBA would take my career to the next level and at the age of 40, it seemed to be the right time. While looking into executive MBA programs I only focused on the Top 10.  I was keen on a global program to improve my cultural perspective and to better know how to do business in a global environment.

An Improved Leader

Being part of a team with people from diverse countries, backgrounds, outlooks, and expectations was by far my greatest learning experience. It helped me to understand others and to contribute in a group with people who have different points of view. This helped me to embrace perspectives that are contradictory to my own, so that as a team, we got the best quality product.

Words as Motivator

At Fuqua, I learned the power of story-telling to achieve effective communication and have started to incorporate more within my team at work. For instance, we had been working on a project that had been dragging on for a long time, so I started using medical metaphor used in ICUs to denote key tasks and milestones.  This reminded each one of us that we were in a critical stage—a do or die situation. As a result, I saw positive changes in my team's attitude and we all became more aware of the time sensitivity of the project going forward.

Game Changer

The Global Executive MBA program is a game changer. Travelling to other countries humbles you, makes you more introspective, and helps you realize that you still have so much to learn about the world. The coursework is rigorous and with business becoming more and more global, Duke’s Global Executive MBA program can only help advance one’s career path.

Reaping the Benefits of an MBA

While studying for my MBA, I was given increased job responsibilities. I went from leading the end-to-end development and implementation of quality assurance tools for Investcorp's hedge fund unit and managing a series of initiatives overhauling their mid- and back-office to becoming the CFO of their $1B Gulf Fund and heading the mid-office function supporting all Gulf businesses.