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Perhaps you've heard about our "Team Fuqua" culture already? It's the notion that we're better and stronger together than we are apart. It's a philosophy of collaboration, accountability, and respect—many of the characteristics of any strong organization—be it business, education, or another institutional arrangement.

It's ingrained in the student culture and curricula of all of our programs as well as across the administration and faculty. It's fundamental to what it means to be affiliated with this school and it is a guiding principle.

At the core, it is about shared responsibility for the experiences you have as a member of the Fuqua learning community. This learning partnership requires three entities—faculty, staff, and students—to be fully engaged. While a student, you are expected to be an active participant in the learning journey as the quality of the experience will largely be determined by what you put into it.

Engage in this culture and invest in the relationships you'll form because they are rich with possibilities.

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