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Work-Life Balance

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Life. Work. School. It's a balancing act. The demands of getting an MBA are high, and many prospective students are concerned about their ability to add another responsibility to their already busy lives. While our curriculum is indeed rigorous, the vast majority of students successfully manage their time, excel in their courses, and graduate.

In addition to good time management skills, it's important that you have the support of your family and employer to help make you successful in the program.  Undoubtedly, there will be times when you'll lean on your support system, so it's important to involve them in your decision-making to return to school.

Finally, the format and culture of the program also helps you be successful. Your time away from work and family is intentionally concentrated into residency periods so you'll experience less disruption to your life outside of school. And your distance learning periods also help you balance your varying responsibilities as it gives you greater flexibility to determine when you get your school work done. Further, your teammates in school and the support resources of the program operations team and the faculty help you manage your school life, too.

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