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To lead in a global economy, you must be able to not only identify and interpret, but also reconcile the various drivers shaping today's complex business environment. To drive this level of global business awareness and analysis, The Duke MBA—Global Executive program brings together senior executives, with all their diverse backgrounds and experiences, for a rigorous business management education that integrates learning experiences across economies. You will learn about the social, economic, political, historical, and cultural issues that influence business around the world so you can, in turn, effectively lead and manage a global operation.

Below are some of the benefits of choosing Duke to achieve your global career goals:

  • It is not by chance that we are continually ranked among the world's best—it's because we are committed to academic excellence and relevance to prepare the world's best global leaders. However, not all executive MBA programs provide the same level education as their full time MBA program counterparts; but in this program, you'll take the same rigorous core MBA curriculum (in a unique format) from the same top-ranked faculty as all of our MBA programs.

  • Fuqua faculty ranked No. 1 in the world for intellectual capital by Bloomberg Businessweek (2008 - 2012). Our faculty's knowledge transfers into the classroom, enhances your learning experience, and prepares you to make more discerning decisions at work.

  • As a business leader, you already have a busy professional and personal life, making the Global Executive MBA format an ideal option if you want a top MBA, but need convenient and concentrated class time.

  • Earn your MBA while living anywhere in the world. The program is delivered in 4 different global locations, including Durham, NC, USA. Distance learning periods are combined with immersive residencies that afford you the benefit of living and working anywhere you choose.

  • You earn your MBA while working, allowing you to make an immediate impact at work by applying what you learn to your job and by bringing work challenges into the classroom. Work becomes an extension of school and school an extension of work.

  • Fuqua offers you the ability to truly build global business competence, through both the content and context of your experience. The Global Executive MBA program is the first executive MBA that takes place in the most important economic regions of the world, and also has an extended curriculum specifically tailored to explore global markets, regulations, and business institutions.

  • Unlike traditional executive MBA programs with a regional draw, the flexibility of our Global Executive program attracts students from around the globe. At Fuqua, you will team with and learn from a cohort of other global leaders and you will have immediate access to Fuqua's impressive network of 19,000 alumni. And, your network extends beyond your class and the Fuqua alumni community to our corporate partners, like our Board of Visitors, who are committed to helping Fuqua (and you) succeed.

  • While in-region, you will learn about different cultures, markets, and institutions, while experiencing them at the same time. Cross-cultural communication is part of the subject matter and the situation itself, which better prepares you for international leadership responsibilities.

  • Leadership is about asking the right questions, not having all the right answers. This program will help you develop a leadership lens and action plan that will motivate a team and change your organization for the better.

  • In these changing economic times, business schools have not kept up with business. Leading firms have grappled with multi-disciplinary, global challenges for years, yet business schools have largely underprepared leaders to deal with the complexities of today's business environment. At Fuqua, we've moved on from the status quo and are committed to educating globally sophisticated leaders who are equipped to handle global responsibilities. We welcome you to the cause as we innovate business education.

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