HSM Alumni Certificate

Alumni Perspective

"HSM broadened my outlook by introducing numerous health care industries and issues and expanded my knowledge and professional capital ... HSM classes served as an effective way to fine tune my Weekend Executive MBA studies, and as a result I have been better able to plan and contribute within my organization."

John Tuman (Weekend Executive MBA '05)
Director of Network Services, WakeMed Health & Hospitals
HSM Alumni Certificate Program Class of '06

The Health Sector Management (HSM) Alumni Certificate continues Fuqua's tradition of lifelong learning and is available to graduates of the Fuqua Daytime, Cross Continent, Global Executive and Weekend Executive MBA programs. 

For Fuqua MBA alumni who are currently working in the health care sector, or who are considering a career change, the certificate program offers a comprehensive approach to the "business of health care." Alumni enroll in HSM classes with current MBA students, either remotely or in person, thereby broadening both personal and professional networks.

Certificate Requirements: 

Fundamentals of HSM: A Global Perspective  3 credits
Health Care Markets  3 credits
Health Institutions, Systems and Policy  2 credits
HSM Project Course  3 credits
2 HSM elective courses (3 credits each)  6 credits

*HSM course charges will apply. HSM tuition is charged at the time of course registration, and the fees cannot be covered by federal student loans.

Required Courses: 

Fundamentals of Health Sector Management (HSM Seminar)
This multi-term online course provides an overview of the global health sector, addresses current business and policy challenges, and creates a common discourse and understanding of health sector management within and across Fuqua's executive MBA programs.

Health Care Markets
This course applies the tools of economics and strategy to challenges and opportunities faced by product manufacturers, insurers, health care providers, and hospitals.

Health Institutions, Systems and Policy
This week-long course provides a detailed overview of the health care system's segments and stakeholders, analyzes the industry's evolution, and addresses likely changes within the sector during the next century. Daytime, Cross Continent, Weekend Executive and Global Executive MBA students may take this course together.

HSM Project Course
During this independent study, students apply core business skills to an in-depth analysis of health care topics by developing actionable recommendations for their current organization(s) and/or exploring opportunities for organizations that might offer career options. 

Elective Courses:

Two HSM electives are required for a total of 6 credits.
Choose one or two electives from Set 1, and then zero or one from Set 2, below: 

Set 1 — HSM Industry Context Electives:

Students must take at least one Industry Context Elective, listed below. Both courses are offered during the Term 6 elective session. If students choose to take both electives, the second fulfills the HSM Breadth Elective requirement.

HLTHMGMT 714E - Provider Strategy
HLTHMGMT 491E - Life Science Product Strategy

Set 2 — HSM Breadth Electives:

If you only take one elective from Set 1, you must take a second elective from the list below. This listing is subject to change, and only a subset will be offered during the elective term.

DECISION 613E - Strategic Modeling & Business Dynamics 
FINANCE 646E - Corporate Finance
FUQINTRD 898E - Irrational Choices Unconscious Decisions & Market Failures
HLTHMGMT 716 - Health Policy and Management
(taught concurrent with HLTHMGMT 716 in Daytime)
MANAGEMT 745E - Negotiation
MGRECON 784C - Game Theory for Strategic Advantage
MARKETNG 802E - Marketing of Innovations
MARKETNG 796E - Market Intelligence
MARKETNG 808E - Strategy and Tactics of Pricing
OPERATNS 824E - Service Operations Management
STRATEGY 840E - Dynamic Strategy in Global Environments
STRATEGY 838E - Entrepreneurial Strategy for Innovation-Based Ventures


For more information contact:
Simeon Furman
Assistant Director HSM