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Frequently Asked Questions




  • Will I be required to have a laptop or any special software?

    Every student in the program needs a reliable laptop as well as a reliable internet connection. These technology tools are essential for completing the program requirements. Once you are accepted to the program, you will receive more details about computer requirements.

  • How technologically savvy do I need to be to succeed in the program?

    Ahead of your first residency, you will have an extra four days for orientation. Part of this time focuses on getting you comfortable with understanding and using the technology to be successful in the program. There are a wide range of computer skills among the Weekend Executive students, but we recommend that you have some basics (e.g., Excel, Word, PowerPoint). Once accepted to the program, you will receive additional information, including access to tutorials and resources, that will help ensure that you have the necessary technology skills.


  • Do I need corporate sponsorship to be admitted to the Weekend Executive MBA program?

    There are two types of corporate support. One is support for the MBA itself and the other is financial. Your company must endorse your involvement in the program by allowing the time off necessary to attend classes and by being flexible about the additional commitment you've made in your daily life. It is not necessary to obtain financial support. As part of the admissions process, you must obtain a letter of support from your organization stating its willingness to let you be away from the office for the required period of time. How to categorize that time off (e.g., vacation, paid time off) is a decision that is left to you and your employer.

  • How do I go about getting corporate financial support?

    Policies vary among companies in terms of how they view educational benefits. We see the Weekend Executive program as a partnership among the student, the organization, and Fuqua, so we are eager to see that you have all the information you need to garner adequate support from your organization. If appropriate, we can also put you in touch with Duke students or alumni from your organization (or industry) to help discuss strategies for gaining corporate financial support. View a sample letter to obtain financial support.

  • What if I don't receive corporate financial support? What are my options?

    Scholarship funds are available for this program, but they are limited. You also have the option of applying for a variety of student loans.

    U.S. citizens or permanent residents have the option of applying for federal loans. Fuqua has a financial aid office that can assist you with this process of borrowing from the U.S. federal loan program.

    International students can apply for a no-cosigner student loan or apply for U.S. based private student loans with a U.S. citizen or permanent resident co-signer. Learn more on the Financial Aid webpage.

  • How will I be billed for the program fees and do you offer special payment plans?

    If you are admitted to the program, a non-refundable 2,500 USD deposit will be due within a few weeks of the admissions decision. The remaining balance will be divided into 5 separate installments that are due prior to each term. Review the fee schedule here.

  • What is NOT included in the tuition?

    Any travel to and from classes, lodging costs for additional nights, and any incidental costs incurred while attending the program. Also the cost of the GATE course and the projects required to complete concentrations are not included in the tuition.