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Being good at what you do is not enough. Leading requires seeing yourself in new ways—now, and over the course of your career. Duke Executive Education is designed to provide the strategies and tools that ensure you’ll become what you need to be next. Built around current research and trends in management, our programs help you solve current challenges while providing frameworks you can apply over time. You’ll learn from the same world-renowned faculty who teach in our MBA programs, while going beyond your comfort zone in innovative exercises that encourage you to absorb new perspectives.

Whether you're a new manager or an experienced executive, Duke Executive Education's portfolio of open enrollment and tailored programs will help you grow.


Earn Duke's new Certificate of Leadership & Management when you complete a customized learning experience that equips you with a solid grounding in leadership and enables you to choose electives in management, communication, negotiation, finance, decision-making, or health care strategy.

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Women Leaders: Elevating Influence and Impact

New Program!

Women continue to be underrepresented in the leadership of organizations. In this engaging 3-day program, you’ll explore the issues women face and review successful strategies used by others to reach top positions in their firms. Targeted both to women professionals and to men with an interest in the advancement of women or who want to increase their own organizational influence and impact, you’ll learn how to be more effective at managing and navigating up the corporate ladder.

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Creating a Data-Driven Culture

New Program!

To fully capitalize on the value of the analytics investment your organization has made, you need to establish, and model the behaviors of, a data-driven culture. Accelerate the adoption of evidence-based insights and optimized outcomes by enabling your employees to understand data and use it in their decision-making. This 1-day program will show you how to create the data-driven culture you need for long-term success.

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Leading Business Strategy through Operational Excellence

New Program!

Professionals who lead operations teams or collaborate with them learn new ways to connect operations with business strategy. Successful alignment will help you avoid costly errors and improve both your profitability and market share in this 3-day program.

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Financial Analysis for Non-Finance Leaders Online

New Blended Online/Virtual Option!

If you want a sound financial foundation to drive successful strategies in your organization, but you’re unable to attend the in-person program, consider the Financial Analysis for Non-Finance Leaders Online course. You’ll learn the elements of financial information and how to use them in decision-making via six weekly live streaming class sessions and discussions, while completing assignments on your own schedule.

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Financial Analysis for Non-Finance Leaders

Understanding the elements of financial reporting and interpreting the components of financial statements will enable you to use financial information as a strategic tool in decision-making. In this 3-day program, you’ll gain a sound financial foundation to drive successful strategies from any part of the organization.

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Data-Driven Decision Making

Immense quantities of data, faster computing capabilities, and advanced analytics techniques are changing the business landscape. Develop the skills and analytic tools to make evidence-based decisions that will influence your organization’s strategy. This 3-day program will empower you to leverage data-driven decisions in this dynamic environment.

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Duke Leadership Program

Over 5 days, this program offers professionals at all levels an opportunity to understand and improve their individual leadership style. Whether you have leadership responsibility or are preparing to assume a new role, you’ll learn about your innate strengths and build solid and enduring leadership behaviors.

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Duke Management Program

This 3-day program translates the science of management into practical insights and actionable strategies for professionals who guide and support teams. You’ll discover techniques and skills to improve team decision making, manage conflict, and establish a culture that fosters innovation.

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Navigating Health Care Trends

With Virtual Session

During this 3-day program, health care leaders learn new perspectives on the rapid changes in health care. You’ll understand how different sectors within the industry are upending business models and re-evaluating their approach.

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Communication for Leaders

As a professional who needs to interface with the public and stakeholders, you will learn to adapt your message to different audiences, build your personal and professional brand, and develop disciplined communication strategies in this 3-day program.

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Business Negotiation Skills

Negotiation is an art and a science. In this 3-day program, you’ll learn a number of techniques to influence negotiations. You’ll also gain practice using strategies that capitalize on each party’s strengths while leveraging different perspectives around the table.

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Tailored Programs

If your development goal is to strengthen an internal team or build teams across departments or divisions, a tailored program is often the best solution. Learn how our faculty and staff work with you to create a program that fits your specific needs.

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