On-Campus, In-Person Programs

The health and safety of our community is Duke's priority. In order to diminish the risks of COVID-19 transmission in our area, campus visitors are expected to comply with the following guidelines when attending Duke Executive Education programming at the JB Duke Hotel. Guests must also adhere to any international or regional travel restrictions.

Masking Policy

Duke’s masking policy is guided by the community risk category as determined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. This summer, Duke University’s Administration determined that masks would no longer be required in classrooms once the CDC community risk for Durham dropped below “high” for two consecutive weeks. Recently, the criterion was met. On Thursday, Sept. 22, masking became optional in classrooms. Duke Executive Education will adhere to the mask optional recommendation in all programs delivered in-person within an official classroom or a conference center meeting room.

Symptoms / Mask Use

We recommend that anyone experiencing cold-like respiratory symptoms, even after a negative COVID test, continue to wear a mask indoors until symptoms resolve. Unvaccinated individuals, who are at increased risk for severe illness, are encouraged but will no longer be required to wear masks indoors beginning Thursday, September 22. Please note that any individuals who feel more comfortable continuing to mask should do so and all members of the community should respect the rights of those who wish to remain masked.

Faculty Requests / Mask Concerns

Faculty members may request that individuals attending a program continue to wear masks in their classrooms/meeting rooms if they wish to do so. In such cases, Duke Executive Education will clearly communicate these expectations prior to the program start date. Masking helps protect the masked individual, even in the presence of those who are unmasked, so those with concerns – faculty or attendees – should continue to wear a well-fitted mask in class.

Individuals who have tested positive or have COVID symptoms should not attend a program until they have tested negative or been cleared to return.