Function-specific. Future-driven.

The format of the MQM program is designed to provide a deep dive into the quantitative tools necessary for a chosen function while refining your skills in collaboration and communication. With the opportunity to develop new skills across different subjects, your new technical capabilities will be informed by industry context as you develop the interpersonal skills that set you apart.

Prepare to launch

The 10-month sequence galvanizes learning. In mid-July, your program starts with a launch experience that prepares you for the curriculum. The rest of the experience is organized into five 6-week terms.

During the first term, your class takes foundational courses before moving into focused tracks for the remainder of the program. Over the next four terms, you'll complete courses in your selected focus along with electives spanning the MQM program. With 18 electives to choose from, you'll be able to push your limits and broaden your industry exposure.

Our Faculty

All Fuqua degree programs are taught by the same world-renowned faculty, scholars recognized for excellence in both teaching and research. The classes they teach are academically challenging and relevant to business today. In spite of their world-class credentials, your professors are highly accessible—with an open-door policy, they’re often happy to continue a classroom debate over coffee or lunch.

Team-Based Learning

What sets Fuqua apart is the way we structure our programs—as learning teams. You’ll collaborate on coursework and projects with a team of 4–6 students hand-picked to ensure you learn from people with different backgrounds. Replicating a corporate environment, you’ll learn as much from your team experience as you do from your courses—gaining an understanding of the ways drawing strength from others leads to stronger results.

Over five terms you’ll complete 20 courses: six in data science and analytics; five in business context, critical thinking, communication, and collaboration; four in your chosen functional track (except for Finance, which requires six); four electives (except in Finance, where only two electives are possible); and one required capstone project.  

You'll apply for a functional track in either Finance, Marketing, Forensics, or Strategy as part of the admissions process and take required courses in your functional track, data analytics, and business communications/critical thinking in every term. Each class meets twice a week for 2 hours and 15 minutes.

Term 1 (6 weeks)
  • Business Fundamentals
  • Applied Probability & Statistics
  • Business Communications 1
  • Data Infrastructure
Term 2 (6 weeks)
  • Data Science for Business
  • Critical Thinking, Communication, and Collaboration
  • Finance Track
    • Introductory Finance
    • Financial Reporting Foundations
  • Marketing Track
    • Digital Marketing
    • Elective
  • Strategy Track
    • Empirical Economic Analysis
    • Elective
  • Forensics Track
    • Financial Reporting Foundations
    • Elective
Term 3 (6 weeks)
  • Decision Analytics and Modeling
  • Navigating Organizations
  • Finance Track
    • Intermediate Finance
    • Derivatives
  • Marketing Track
    • Market Intelligence
    • Elective
  • Strategy Track
    • Operations Analytics
    • Elective
  • Forensics Track
    • Financial Statement Fraud
    • Elective
Term 4 (6 weeks)
  • Data Visualization
  • Ethical & Legal Issues of Data Analytics
  • Elective
  • Finance Track
    • Fixed Income Securities
  • Marketing Track
    • Customer Relationship Management
  • Strategy Track
    • Strategic Management
  • Forensics Track
    • Managing Operational and Informational Risks
Term 5 (6 weeks)
  • Business Communications 2
  • Elective
  • Capstone Project
  • Finance Track
    • Financial Risk Management
  • Marketing Track
    • Pricing
  • Strategy Track
    • People Analytics
  • Forensics Track
    • Fraud Analytics
Optional Terms 6 & 7
  • Optional Certification in Research
Month Date Event
July 2017 10 - 14 International Student Bootcamp
  14 Program Launch (mandatory for all students)
  17 Summer Term classes begin (Monday)
August 2017 25 Summer Term classes end
  28 - 29 Summer Term exam period
September 2017 7 Fall Term 1 classes begin
October 2017 17 Fall Term 1 classes end
  19 - 21 Fall Term 1 exams
  22 - 29 FALL BREAK
  30 Fall Term 2 classes begin
November 2017 22 - 24 THANKSGIVING BREAK
December 2017 12 Fall Term 2 classes end
  14 - 16 Fall Term 2 exams
January 2018 17 Team Changeover (mandatory for all students)
  18 Spring Term 1 classes begin
February 2018 27 Spring Term 1 classes end
March 2018 1 - 3 Spring Term 1 exams
  19 Spring Term 2 classes begin
April 2018 27 Spring Term 2 classes end
April/May 2018 30 - 2 Spring Term 2 exams
  13 Class of 2018 Duke-wide Commencement Ceremony

Quick Facts

Start Date: July 2018
Duration: 10 months
Location: Durham, NC
Style: Cohort-based
Curriculum: Business analytics​​​
Elective Course Options: 18 

Top Tip

We're a STEM-designated program

International students who meet certain requirements may have a total of up to 36 months to gain work experience in the U.S.