MSTeM Track Supplemental Tuition

Additional Cost

For students beginning their MMS:FOB or MMS:DKU program in July 2021 (Class of 2022), the incremental cost of tuition is 2,000 USD per course. The total cost of the MSTeM track therefore is 6,000 USD.

Loans are available for the additional tuition costs for students who choose to pursue MSTeM track.

The Cost of Attendance for MMS: Foundations of Business Class of 2022 including the MSTeM track is listed below. For the Class of 2023, the Cost of Attendance will be available in March 2022. Students should anticipate an increase of roughly 3% versus the Class of 2022 costs, as a reference for planning. Please contact the financial aid office should you have questions regarding student loan options to help cover the MSTeM cost.

If you have questions about financial aid or need assistance with the process, please don't hesitate to contact our financial aid office.

Cost of Attendance Including MSTeM

Estimated Expenses (Class of 2022) Cost (USD)
Tuition – General Management 57,500
Tuition – MSTeM Track 6,000
Estimated Medical Insurance & Other Fees 5,718
Estimated Educational Supplies 800
Estimated Living Expenses 23,534
Estimated Total Cost of Attendance (USD) 93,552