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The Fuqua School of Business is committed to empowering student success, both inside and outside the classroom. With our LinkedIn Live series, we feature new insights from our faculty and comprehensively explore the issues they’re seeing through their research, covering topics ranging from the challenges of implementing value-based care to becoming a more effective leader in the modern world.

In this series, our scholars offer insights on relevant program topics in 30-minute, live sessions hosted on our LinkedIn profile. By attending a live session, you’ll also have the opportunity to ask our experts questions and dig deeper into their research through our interactive Q&A. We’ve included several links to recorded sessions below — for the complete list of sessions, visit the video section on our LinkedIn page.

Making Value-Based Healthcare Valuable

Mary Frances Luce, professor with the Fuqua School of Business, discusses the benefits and challenges of value-based healthcare. She elaborates that a major challenge of moving a healthcare provider towards a value-based care model comes from drastic changes to their compensation structure. She leverages her knowledge of health analytics and her expertise in psychology and economics to translate health data into actionable recommendations for how health organizations can improve their payment and compensation systems.

Watch the full recording here

How the Medicare Reimbursement System Drives Up Drug Prices

David Ridley, professor with the Fuqua School of Business and faculty director of the Health Sector Management program, makes a case for value-based payment in healthcare. He shares critical insights from his research on how the Medicare reimbursement system has caused a dramatic increase in drug launch prices, and argues that a value-based payment system would drive down the prices of provider-administered drugs.

Watch the full recording here

Are Acquisitions Helping or Hurting the Healthcare Industry?

Ryan McDevitt, professor with the Fuqua School of Business, discusses new research that demonstrates acquisitions by for-profit companies are hurting dialysis patient outcomes. He proposes that Medicare should work in tandem with antitrust authorities to regulate mergers and improve quality of care.

Watch the full recording here

Leadership in Challenging Times

Bill Boulding, Dean of Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business, shares insights on what it means to be a successful leader in today’s world. He highlights the importance of decency, which he defines as truly caring for others and wanting to do right by them.

Watch the full recording here

You can access our live sessions on the first and third Wednesday of each month at 12:30 pm Eastern (-4 UTC) on Fuqua’s LinkedIn page, where you can also stay on top of our latest research and connect with members in our network. Visit Fuqua’s live series page to access past recorded sessions in the series.